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Your Questions About Bmw Parts

March 21, 2013

George asks…

where can i find oem bmw parts and accessories for a good deal?

Administrator answers:

Here are some sites that may work for you:

Good Luck

Lisa asks…

Trying to find a place to buy 1999 oem bmw parts.?

I have a 1999 528i bmw. I just bought last week or so used. I just noticed that the rear ac console is missing the back plastic around it. The ac duct and output is still there but the housing around it is missing. I just need that part to pop in and I’m good but can’t find any where online with a straight answer. Thanks for the help in advance.

Administrator answers:

The best thing you should do is to buy a spare used ’99 bmw 528i. It may contain every part that you may need just in case you need to replace some parts. Take the spare car apart and use its parts whenever necessary.

Linda asks…

Where can I find these BMW parts?

I need to replace the coolant hoses on my BMW E30 320i, 1989. I need the upper and lower radiator hoses and all other smaller hoses asociated with the coolant system. I also need the breather hose that attaches to the rocker cover.

I have looked all over the internet for these, on Ebay, GSF,, local breakers. I have been to my local Halfords and they said they can’t help me either. Can anyone suggest anywhere that may be able to sell me these hoses? Would BMW be able to supply these parts even though the car is 18 years old? How would I find the correct part numbers for these hoses?

Bavarian Autosport don’t list my model. It seems to list every model except the 320i
tried Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, Pep Boys, and Napa. Again, none list my model 320i

Administrator answers:

Well BMW has full diagrams and parts references for their vehicles via their computer systems which can help identify which parts are needed: part number, price, and if they come in packages. And they can special order any part that is not in stock. So my suggestion in visit a nearby dealer

Betty asks…

what is the best online store to buy bmw 1 series performance parts?

im getting a 2012 bmw 135i and i was wondering what websites sell performance parts for the 1 series? thanks

Administrator answers:

I would stick with BMW dealer or Alpina. The reason is you are buying a new car and you want to be sure you are buying the correct parts for it, or else be prepare for disaster, headache and stress.

Maria asks…

how much more expensive is automotive work and parts for bmw compared to say honda or toyota?

i would like to buy a bmw but im afraid of the repair costs

Administrator answers:

Parts cost more for a BMW. It’s really kind of common sense. A BMW costs more because it is made up of more expensive, higher quality parts. They cost a lot when they break, but if you take care of it and get a warranty, you should be fine. BMWs aren’t junk.

David asks…

What’s a good mail order site for BMW parts?

I’m specifically after used or refurbished parts for a 325 and 328.

Administrator answers:

For used/refurb parts: Bavarian Auto Recycling:

For new parts: Tischer BMW usually has the lowest prices:

BavAuto is also a good source as mentioned above but Tischer prices on OEM parts are usually lower.

Daniel asks…

How much should I ask for BMW parts?

I have a bunch of BMW parts for a 96 e36 328i and don’t know how much to ask for them on Craigslist.
I have:
Door panels
Trunk door
And computers and switches.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Probably about 10 000$ total if you get lucky.

Helen asks…

Looking for where this BMW part belongs to?

I have a BMW part, with the code and everything. What I am looking for is, what year and model car of this part belongs to. Any websites would recommend for searching the part?

Administrator answers: Try this site

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