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Your Questions About Bmw Parts

June 9, 2013

James asks…

How much would you pay for a 2004 BMW 545i that was in a flood ?

I recently flooded my car BMW 545i. It doesn’t want to turn on so I was thinking of selling it to someone who knows about cars because I didn’t want to deal with the repairs and a lot of people have told me that i can sell it part by part because bmw parts can be expensive. I’m not looking to make a profit, I just want to get rid of it.
SERIOUS answers please.

Administrator answers:

I’d pay you $500 for it.

Joseph asks…

Is it true that BMW cars can only be repaired by BMW dealerships?

I heard these cars are very complex to work on, and that very few mechanics can work on them.

BQ: How about changing the oil? Can I do that by myself? My friend says its hard to do on a bmw?

How expensive are BMW parts? Some ppl say they are cheap, but others say they are not.

Administrator answers:

No it’s not true. But a lot of people who have a new bmw has absolutely zero reason to bring it anywhere else because of the warranty and free maintenance.

BMW will pay for the maintenance at their facilities, so in terms of a new car, in that respect, yes you must take it to a dealer.

An older car does not require a trip to the dealer, if you feel comfortable that your local mechanic has the proper training and tools, then by all means, use him.

I prefer dealer servicing, it’s more expensive, but at least I know that they have the proper tools needed to diagnose and repair. Dealers are REQUIRED to maintain technician certs and tools.

The best cars in the world are built with the best parts, the best parts cost more money. Yes, BMW parts are expensive.

Sharon asks…

What should I do about replacing the catalytic converter on my 1998 bmw 740i?

Can I go with an aftermarket like Eastern Catalytic, or do I have to go with original BMW part? This is the passenger side catalytic converter and the price difference between original and aftermarket is over $1,000.00.

Administrator answers:

Go for a used one with warrenty for £150.could last 2 months then again might last years.

Maria asks…

Can you get towbar electrics that plug in rather than scotchlok splices? BMW e46?

I don’t want to hack my loom. This day and age there must be a way of just plugging in? BMW part I guess? Any alternatives?

Administrator answers:

Even if you hard wire it you still must go into the loom. You should consult a BMW dealer, or if you tow with a motorhome try Camping World.

Mark asks…

What’s a good water pump for a 03/1986 325es bmw?

What’s a good brand? Do I need a single or dual pump? I haven’t been able to take out the original to check; the special water pump remover wrench/thingamabob is in the mail. I’d like OEM quality or better.

Any suggestions on a good online bmw parts site? I also need a new timing belt, o-ring (for the water pump), and fan blade.


Administrator answers: offers BMW parts, and BMW Accessories on the internet. They stock a huge selection of new, OEM, genuine and aftermarket BMW parts at wholesale prices. Original engine components, brakes, OEM BMW exhaust systems, to genuine steering rack, they sell at the guaranteed lowest prices.

They sell at the lowest prices guaranteed and all of their products come with Free Shipping. At you can be sure you are getting the best service to go with our large selection and low prices,
Check out those pages for your bmw’s timing belt and water pump.

Steven asks…

Can you buy a car and then send the egine to remodify it in another company?

For Example, you buy a Maserati. But you do not want to keep the italian engine inside it.
So you want to send the egine to Bmw For example and say them to remodify it but with german bmw parts paying some extra money. Can you do that?

Administrator answers:

Well I think the best option would be to buy a maserati with an tuner company’s own upgraded package, tho hey are super expensive (you can likely afford it if you’re buying a maserati). Because pulling the engine or modifying will void the warranty.

Susan asks…

i have a bmw 328ci coupe i have just purchased and had fitted a genuine bmw sport bodykit+i changed my alloys?

to mv2 i have to declare this to my insurance company or just leave it ,as it is just genuine bmw parts fitted,if so does anyone have any ideas as to how much extra it will cost.thanks.

Administrator answers:

I used to work in Insurance, and the answer is yes.
The price depends on many factors to be honest, such as your age, history, insurance, and the area you live in.
But if the car when new had the option to have the same kit added as you have, then you can say to the insurer thats it had the optional sport pack with the alloys from manufacturer as you was told by the previous owner.

Also if you notice a big hike at all, then you should try some smaller specialist firms, because the big brands dont like to take too many risks, so they just charge ridiculous increases for mods to basically deter you as they deem bodykits, engine mods etc as a insurance risk.

Richard asks…

What should I do about a mix up at customs?

I received a package today from my family in Morocco today. However, when I opened it there was something that was obviously not for me. It did not even come from Morocco! It is an auto part from a BMW parts shot in U.A.E. The only thing I can think of is when Customs was checking things out they forgot what went in which box and now I have someone’s car part. The only thing is, what should I do now? I don’t want the car part and someone is missing it.

Administrator answers:

Email or write the shop, describe the item, and ask what they want done with it.

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