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Your Questions About Bmw Parts

August 27, 2013

Mark asks…

is it worth buying a 2005-2008 bmw 2nd hand or should i just buy a brand new honda crv 2010?

i was merely concerned that when the bmw breaks down or so, i’d have to spend a small fortune on chassis and parts rather than the honda whose parts are cheaper than bmw. however, bmw parts and chassis doesn’t break down that easily right as long as you take good care of them?
the bmw in question have run about 40-60k kms.

Administrator answers:

New cars will definitely last longer. It’s a simple question of money. If you have extra money, go for the newer car.

James asks…

Where to buy used/new BMW 01 325i front grills in Toronto?

I’m looking for a place in TORONTO to buy used BMW parts. Specifically I’m looking for the front grills of BMW 325i 2001. Any help is much appreciated.

Administrator answers:

The only *used* parts store for BMW I saw close to Toronto was called “Triple M Exclusive Auto Parts” in Maple, ON.

To be honest, your most secure bet is ordering online from a place like Bavarian Autosport or Pelican Parts. For a plain chrome grill their prices won’t be much more than you’d pay for a used grill in *questionable* condition.

For both left and right kidney grills from Bavarian Autosport it would cost you $70.

Charles asks…

what is the cheapest online store for performance & tuning parts on the internet?

i need to buy too many things for my new shop,like NOS,zex,turbo kits,cam gears,etc…so i need the cheapest prices on the web for honda,bmw,vw,mitsubishi parts…Thanks a mill.

Administrator answers:

Try e-bay.

Donald asks…

What is needed for a BMW M3 E36 auto to manual conversion?

Its a 95′ in amazing condition I would just rather it as a manual. If anyone has a parts list that is needed for the conversion and if someone who works in a shop knows how many hours it would take.

Administrator answers:

How about a minimum of around $5,000, or more (and probably more). You’ll need a flywheel, pilot bearing, throwout bearing, clutch disk, pressure plate, bell housing, transmission, Clutch/brake pedal assembly with mounting hardware, shifter, clutch linkage, master and slave cylinders, drive shaft, maybe a new rear cross member and who knows what else. The $5K is dependent on your being able to find all the parts in a wrecking yard which doesn’t know how much BMW parts are worth and then doing all the work yourself. In other words, more than the car is worth.
ADDED: If it’s a computerized car you’ll need that from a manual car along with the accompanying wiring harness as well.

Jenny asks…

Where can I find the best E30 BMW performance parts at?

I want to ask and see if anybody out there has any suggestions on good websites to order performance and high quality bmw parts for an e30 bimmer. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Hi zach try

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