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Your Questions About Bmw Parts

May 23, 2012

Jenny asks…

…………….BMW parts?

where can I order little parts (hinge for the gas door, clamp to attach the bumper)

Administrator answers:

scroll down for other parts

William asks…

what is the best way for me to purchase bmw parts here in america?

I own a american spec. BMW 325i 2002, but I want to purchase the parts cheaper than what the auto shops are charging.

Administrator answers:

FWIW, in order to preserve brand ideals, dealerships are made to sell high. It’s not unusual – many high end brands distinguish their clientele using price mechanisms. GOOD for BMW – and car enthusiasts – that their cars can perform better than garden variety brands. BAD, because money does not guarantee a better driver – and these cars are not meant for fuddy duddies.

ANYWAY the answer is, look for niche workshops, run by ex-dealership mechanics. You should be able to find a fair price from these guys. Also, because their reputation depends on their overall quality of service, they should do what it takes to maintain their reputation.

For bargain basement prices – there are 2 choices – at one’s own risk. Online stores (ebay) and salvage yards.

Hope this helps.

Lizzie asks…

where can i find parts for 1984 bmw k100rs in southern california?

I would prefer good used parts, new BMW parts are way out of my price range.

Administrator answers:

Teds yer man. If he doesn’t have ‘em hell tell ya where to look

Also try on the interwebs

Donna asks…

who is the best supplier to use for bmw parts?

who is the best supplier to use for new and reconditioned parts for a bmw ive heard that german swedish and french are the cheapest but are there others.

Administrator answers:

Fat bloke down the pub’l get you anything you want mate !

Betty asks…

How expensive is it to replace BMW parts?

If I got a used BMW and needed to replace some parts how expensive would it be?

Administrator answers:

All european cars are usually expensive to maintain and order parts for.. So if money is an issue you should just get an american car or generic honda or toyota. Wait until you have a good amount of money to get one…. But if you really want the style than do it.. People love those cars… But i think audi is better. You should look int audi they have cars pretty comparable to bmw.

Laura asks…

Anyone know a reliable or good website to buy BMW parts from?

Note: I have a 2004 Bmw 330i Sedan. (thank you for your help)
(performance parts and accessories)

Administrator answers:

Go check out bimmerforums They have alot of bmw owners that discuss theses thing and can point you in the direction for parts you are looking for and can help you find good deals, there is also a section for used perf. Parts and wheels and tires, forced induction etc.

Steven asks…

Where can i get parts for a 95 bmw 325i that are reasonable? Every place where i live doesnt sell them.?

I would prefer not to go through the dealership, but i do want genuine bmw parts if possible. aftermarker will do i guess.

Administrator answers:

You need to go to FCP Groton. They have everything you need at the best price you will find.

I get tons of parts for my Volvo there. The prices are so much lower, that it is even less when you add in the shipping.
Example: Front A Arm – Dealer: $250 FCP: $75

They even handle returns no problem.

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