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Your Questions About Bmw S1000rr

July 6, 2013

Linda asks…

Which one is better in speed ?

Ducati 1198R, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, Honda CBR 1000RR FIreblade, Suzuki GSX-R1000, Yamaha YZF R1, Aprilia RSV 4 R….

Administrator answers:

I’d take a BMW s1000RR over any of those bikes.

James asks…

fastest crochrochet motorcycle?

what is the fastest motorcyle i can dive on public streets and highways

Administrator answers:

The Kawasaki ZX-14r, ZX-10r, and the Hayabusa are all electronically limited to 186mph (299kph). This is by agreement between the Japanese manufacturers.

And I understand the BMW S1000rr will hit about 190.

Motorcycle riders don’t use the term “Crotch Rocket” (check your spelling), so you are either a non-rider just asking a stupid question, or you are a n00b, which is even worse. Anyone who buys a motorcycle based on its top speed deserves what they get.

Susan asks…

what bikes are better than the gsx-r1000?

Administrator answers:

Aprilia Tuono 1000r.

Ducati 1100

BMW s1000rr

Triumph Speed triple.

Too many to list the gsx 1000r is a cookie cutter bike there are a lot better out there why have the same bike as the next guy be different man and step up!

Donald asks…

Q’s about Motorcycles in general?

I’m writing a fiction/action book and I want to incorporate Motorcycles within the storyline… they can be from anywhere in the world… i want to know whats top of the line in

as well as power built into the motor vehicle

I need some helpful insight Please =)

Thank You!!!

Also u can email me with additional information if you have more to offer… Thank you!!!

Administrator answers:

Performance: There’re many categories to performance, just like there are many categories of aircraft, dance style, writing, etc. For street performance in the hypersport category some of the bikes are: Suzuki GSXR series, Kawasaki ZX series, Honda CBR series, Yamaha R series, Ducati 1098, the new BMW S1000RR (one day it will be mine, oh yes….). For touring performance: Honda Goldwing, BMW K1200LT, Harley-Davidason Electra Glide Ultra and Road Glide series. For dirt bikes: All four Japanese manufacturers are pretty much even here (I know, I know, but opinions are like….).

The highest horsepower outputs of some of these bikes is close to 200: S1000RR=193, Yamaha/Star Vmax=197, Yamaha R1=~180. Compare that to a car that weighs maybe 10 times as much as some of these bikes!

In short, I’d say just go to your local bookstore or library, pick up a few different bike magazines (Cycle World, Motorcyclist, Rider, Road Bike, Two Wheels Only, Bike, Dirt Rider, etc.), plus Motorcycles for Dummies and Complete Idiot’s Guide to Motorcycles, and read as much as you can stay awake for. If you find that the reading keeps you awake, maybe you should consider taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Beginner Rider Course & getting your M endorsement :-)

Mary asks…

CBR 1000RR / R1 / ZX10R / GSX 1000?

I’m doing my project with my friends. We are observing guys who like motorcycle very much. And we currently have come at “literbikes”. So we really need your detailed opinion / explanations / reasons about those bikes. Your saying about the designs, physical appearances, chassis, exhaust, lamp, engine, technoligy, performance, you know…..everything! And we mean everything! Everything we need. Thanks anyway.

Administrator answers:

The bikes are all very very similar, and are constantly getting updated. They are all “the same” for pragmatic purposes. That said of the current models here is what I have read.

The CBR is the lightest (lighter than some 600 supersports) and most nimble. It also has stonking midrange. In the American market they were detuned on the top end for emissions purposes. This is easily rectified with an aftermarket tuner. With this they are pretty much dominate. Shame about the styling though, definatly a step back from the previous model. I need to test the ABS myself before casting judgement, thankfully its optional. Why cant Honda leave brakes alone?

The Ninja has the most power in stock american form. Its handling is improved on its predecessor but still not up to the Hondas level. Looks the best of the current crop in my opinion.

The Gixxer was dominate for years. In this time period the Honda was the most refined, confidence inspiring, and comfy. Now Suzuki has polished the Gixxer and there has been a reversal of roles.

The R1 is historically the most peaky and has the highest handling limits, but is the most difficult to ride. People also have always thought them sexier, but i dont really agree. Not the R1 is overweight and down on power in the name of revolutionary technology. Whats the point if it gets less results than before? This one is for tuning fork fanboys and techie geeks only.

New to the Segment is the BMW S1000RR. It is set to dominate at a very grounded (by BMW standards MSRP. It has alot of (again optional) electronic riding aides. Im not so keen on that. It is ugly as sin too. But It has an unbelivable power to weight.

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