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Your Questions About Bmw S1000rr

July 29, 2013

Donna asks…

what i need to know to buy a bike?

im looking into buying a used motor bike but i want a sports bike like something like a kawasaki ninja
but i would like to know wat should i ask the seller so i know im getting a good bike
like i know i need to ask if its ever been droped but wat els and what kinda bike should i look for cus im a tall guy im like 6ft 1 so wat bike is a good match for me

please help thanks :)

Administrator answers:

To be honest, the kind of bike you should be looking for is a sport tourer rather than a sport. At your height (same height as me), you might find a sport bike is a little too cramped. By the time you’ve got all your winter gear on, you won’t be able to get your feet on the pegs…and you’ll get wrist ache if you do any mileage.

I would be more interested in its service history than anything else. Has it been serviced and stamped at the correct intervals? Check it.
Does the log book match the VIN (on the head tube). Does the VIN look tampered with?

Most bikes have been dropped – but it’s mainly stationary accidents or falling off its stand; the type of scratching will tell you what a bike has suffered. Long parallel scratches (in any direction) can only be done when it’s moving when it goes down. Assume, then, that there is a likelihood of the frame being damaged. If you notice any frame irregularities, walk away.

If the tops of the foot pegs are badly worn but the mileage is low – walk away. It’s been clocked.

Look down the fork legs – check they’re straight. Also check there is no pitting, scratching or oil on the fork legs. It might only need ‘new seals at £12′ but it’s a bugger of a job to replace them.

Look for impact damage on rims. Also put the bike on its centre stand and test the wheels for trueness and play in the bearings. The back wheel is easy as it’s off the floor, for the front wheel, you need someone to push the back of the bike down. Check the tyres are legal.

Fire the bike up from cold. If it’s warm when you get there, walk away – the seller is hiding something. When you fire it up, immediately check for blue smoke (not steam). If it smokes, walk away. Listen for tappet noise. If it’s loud, walk away.

Check for fluid leaks anywhere on the bike. Find a leak, be prepared to walk away.

Check that the brake discs are still serviceable. They’re generally 5mm thick to start with and they’re serviceable (in real terms) down to about 3.5mm. If they look a mess, walk away – they’re a minimum of £150 for each of the front discs and £120 for the rear. You don’t want to get straight into repairing a bike unless you bargain for stuff like that in the price.

The safest way to buy a bike is from a reputable dealer who will also offer a four or six month warranty. You pay slightly more, but, imo, it’s worth it.

Private buyers are unlikely to give you a test ride – if it rides like a bag of nails after you’ve bought it, you have no legal recourse (that’s worth a damn). Caveat emptor.

Good bikes for you? Depends how experienced you are…
…if it’s your first bike you might want a naked – the inevitable low speed unscheduled dismounts won’t destroy their bodywork.
If you want some weather protection, then a sport tourer is the way to go.

But I don’t know you or your bike tastes/needs.

I would look at XJR’s, FJR’s, Hayabusa, Blackbird, ZZR1200 or 1400, BMW’s – but not the S1000RR, please. GSX’s (perhaps even the GSX-R’s)…

Charles asks…

What should I get? A GSXR 1000?

I am 28 years old and have been racing MX sense I was 10. I have been riding street bikes sense I was 16 and currently have a Katana 600 that sucks balls. I am 5’5″ tall and 135lbs.

I am thinking about getting a new bike and am unsure of what to get. I was thinking about getting a ZX6R but I think that I might get bored with it after a year or so, but the Hayabusa and ZX14 seem to be heavy and have bad handling.

Basically, I just want the fastest bike that I can get that still handles well.

Administrator answers:

Actually the busa’s handle very well….you should ride one…you’d be really surprised.

If that’s too much bike, any of the 1000′s are comparable. If I was to pick one of the new 1000′s, I’d get the CBR1000RR

If you have the cash for a new bike, the BMW S1000RR is now the leader in the 1000cc for just about everything….that bike is a monster….and looks very cool as well. It retails around 14k, but its a dam impressive bike….If I remember right, its at 193 horsepower…..blows every one of it competitors away by a long shot.


If you want the fastest, and best handling….this is probably what youre looking for.

Helen asks…

What’s a good street bike to start off on?

I’ve always wanted one. I’m a girl (as if that matters) I’m 5’6 165lbs and I’ve ridden dirt bikes, fourwheelers, mini bikes, and jet skiis since I was a little kid. I want to know a good one to start off with, of course it will be used a bike but still. Any suggestions? Thanks
Ahhh, I’ve been looking at the cbr’s and ninjas. I really like the cbr 600s but I think that’s a little big to start off with.

Administrator answers:

“how tall is important blah blah flat footed” this person is a top contributor somehow but doesn’t realize that they make lowering kits for just about every motorcycle on the market. Hmm…

So yeah… Figure out what STYLE of bike you want, then go from there. Technically all non dirt bikes are street bikes… Cruisers, sport bikes, sport touring, all street bikes. Figure out which of those you want, then re-ask the question.

Most people say ninja 250… No….. They are good bikes, but usually people buy them and a month later sell them because they aren’t powerful enough and they out grow them.

If you’re going to ride a sport bike, go with a 500, 600,650, or whatever they have in the model you want. Then pay someone to LOWER it to fit you.

I say this because, like i said, people outgrow 250′s pretty much immediately and regret not having spent a few hundred more for something that won’t get you killed entering the freeway because it doesn’t have enough power to pass at highway speeds.

Most people are telling you to get a 250 because you’re a girl. That’s just the honest truth. Ignore that crap and go for at LEAST a 500. You’ll thank me one of these days.

With that said, Katana’s are comfortable, GSX-R are fast and handle like crazy, then there are about a dozen cruisers to choose from… Kawasaki Vulcan, Honda Rebel, Honda Shadow, Yamaha makes a bunch of them, etc.

There are SEVERAL women around here around your size or smaller who ride full sized bikes… Harley’s, honda shadows, V-stars, GSX-R1000′s, BMW S1000RR’s you name it.. Size doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter, physical strength matters no matter what you’re riding, big or small, and mental capacity and FOCUS matter most. If you have FOCUS, you can ride anything… I.e. If you are scatterbrained and ADHD all to hell, i don’t suggest getting a bike, you’ll end up wrecking it.

Sandra asks…

What is a good starter street bike?

Hi, I will be 17 when I pruchase my first “crotch rocket” and I was wondering what would be a good starter bike … Don’t say any 250 crap because I am raised on a farm riding dirt bikes and enduro’s for 7 years of my life already …. Yes I like to be wild and go fast! But I don’t want a ‘Busa …. Any suggestions?
Sounds good guys I’ve been looking at different bikes and …. I will be getting a Ducati Desmodici in two months :) Thank you for your help!
Hey Mikey B I know I was just joking … I will look for a Ninja 600 or something … I just wanted to say that to p*** those two jackas*** ahead of you …. I love the BMW1000RR haha :) should have put that on there :) Thank you all

Administrator answers:

Good luck with your Ducati that you will probably end up dropping and costing yourself £££££’s to repair. Or failing that, you’ll wind up dead before your time.

There’s a reason why most bikes recommend smaller bikes to start off with. I am not going to recommend 250′s however. But I am going to recommend that you get something like a Kawasaki GPZ500 or similar. Plus, check out the difference in running costs and insurance costs for youngsters like me and you ;)

Anyway, I prefer the BMW S1000RR or the Aprilia RSV4 ;)

–Mikey B–

Donald asks…

What age is too late to become a sbk or was rider?

I’m 18 and have been riding for 2 years this June 15th. I’ve been riding my 2007 yamaha r6 since I was 16 and been doing a races at the local track but didnt know something like sbk existed.. i will be getting a 2012 BMW s1000rr for graduation.. Too late to compete in regional races and potentially national races and try to pursue a career?

Administrator answers:

Super Bike class racing has been around in one form or another since big capacity road bikes have been made. Bikes, mainly British twins were raced in the then unlimited class. The class then changed a bit to became Super Bikes with the Japanese companies, Italians and Spanish making up the field.

If you have been at the pointy end of the 600cc class with the R6 with podiums at least in big race meetings then you might find a future in the Super Bike Class. To be able to race a competitive Super Bike you will need to be in a team, as a privateer you simply couldn’t afford the ongoing costs involved. I got my break in road racing with a Ducati 250 MK3 that had a heap of go fast bits from Vic Camp in the UK fitted. In the National titles in the 350cc class I was the first 4-stroke and single cylinder bikes to finish and only beaten by the 350 and 250 TZ Yamaha Factory Road Race bikes. I beat the 2 bikes from Ducati sent here. In the 250 class I was at the pointy end of the field till the motor developed an electrical problems and I withdrew with Yamaha’s behind me and everything else. At that meeting I was approached and began road racing with a lot of backing from the Ducati importer of that time.

There was no way I was heading overseas or going to WSB (World Super Bikes) but I had enough to do here. To make a career from any form of bike racing takes a lot of dedication, determination and skill and there is a lot of money needed to keep a bike in top condition. In my earlier days in Road Racing I was lucky to have anything to eat except one meal every second day, I slept in my transporter and did it tough and I was able to do my own spanner work.

That is reality for the big majority of professional bike race riders who haven’t got financial backing. No motor home, no good restaurant meals, just road house food and driving towards your next race meeting and sleeping where you are when too tired to drive further.

You are not too late to compete in regional and state race meetings, anything within a couple of days long drive. I would go for the R6 and do some 600 class production racing, that is very easy on the wallet, or to get rid of the weight and cosmetics, have the motor worked to a reliable but extreme state of tune, good suspension and spare wheels with different compounds of slicks and mix it up with the guys in the 600 class, the pace is a whole lot faster in top speed, late braking and higher cornering speeds. But they are the two entry levels to finally get a chance of being noticed if you can make the grade. Last and not least, remember the social life, well, that was pre-racing days if you want to find how far you can go…..

Paul asks…

Where can I find racing track around me?

I have my BMW S1000RR with new tires
I just want to know where to find a racing track I’m in “CLEVELAND,OHIO” I want to use my won motorcycle, and how much is it cost for one day?

Administrator answers:

Just Google race tracks in your area.

Carol asks…

whats a good sized sport motorcycle for someone who is 6 foot 4 and weighs about 215 pounds and is beginner?

I have been riding quads and dirtbikes all my life, and am looking at a triumph daytona 955, is this to much bike for someone who hasnt ridden a street bike?

Administrator answers:

Normally, a 1,000cc sportbike would be waaaaay too much for a beginner, but since you have tons of off road experience, you might be fine. The Triumph revs slower than the big Japanese 4 cylinder bikes and that will help you. The thing you’ll need to remember is not to add throttle while you add lean angle. That big Triumph ain’t no dirt bike! If you get carried away with your right hand, that fat rear tire will slide and catch and throw you right off the high side!

If you can afford it, a couple of days at the California Superbike School (riding on a track near you), would do wonders for your street riding. You can use one of their BMW S1000RRs and learn to handle a big bike under controlled, step-by-step conditions. An MSF class might be useful, but you already know how to operate the machine. What you probably need most is instruction on controlling your fears, controlling the throttle and how to corner a street bike.

Richard asks…

Is 140hp for a motorcycle a lot of horsepower?

The new ducati 848 evo has 140hp is that a lot for a motorcycle? Like, is it like a camaro with 430hp or is it like a camaro with 330hp? please help me im trying to learn more about bikes

Administrator answers:

To make a true comparison, you have to look at power to weight ratio.
140hp is a nice amount (about the same as my RC51) but,
2013 Camaro weighs 3780 lbs
848 EVO weighs roughly 390.
At 140hp it has a p/w ratio of about 2.8lbs/hp
For a Camaro to have the same, it would need about 1356hp.

In high end sportsbikes, 140 is not a lot. The latest ZX-10 Kawasaki makes just over 200, MV Agusta F41000RR makes 201hp. BMW S1000RR makes 193hp. Of course it takes an exceptional rider to actually use all that power.
My old 2001 GSXR750 track bike pumps out about 160 but it is only useful on the track. I recently went for a ride on a Honda CBR1000RR, and to really get to the power, you are going waaaay too fast for the street. Even in 2nd gear, it was doing about 160kmh at 10000rpm, and still had 3000rpm to go to redline and max power. Again, only useful on the track.

David asks…

Which One To Choose ?S1000RR VS RC-8?

hello guys

im gonna buy a supersport bike soon and im alittle bit confused so .. help me out to chose


MODEL: 2011
PRICE: 23’000 US
MILES: 7000


MODEL: 2009
PRICE: 22.000 US
MILES: 1200



Administrator answers:


Heart says KTM
Soul says BMW

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