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Your Questions About Bmw S1000rr

August 17, 2013

Donna asks…

which is the the better for the bmw s1000rr, the power commander 5 or the race ecu ?

Administrator answers:

Do you mean the optional spec ECU being brought into MotoGP for the CRT bikes ?

If so. The Magnetti Marelli ECU would be the better choice by far.

Betty asks…

I want to buy a motorcycle. But i dont know what to look for in one.?

Whats good qualifications in motorcycle, what should i look for in performance and such? Im looking for a sports bike. Whats a good company to buy?
Thanks guys

Administrator answers:

If you are a new rider, any sportbike that fits you and feels the best…is the bike to get. All of them produce about the same power and perform the same. Unless you race or go to the track, you’ll probably notice very little differences.

Get on the bikes. See which one is comfortable for your hands, legs, neck, body, etc. Then go for what looks best to you. You will end up more satisfied that way. I guarantee it.

I work for Honda Racing Corporation, but I am not biased or am I trying to push Honda as the bike to buy. I want you to find a bike for you.

Personally, as of 2010, the Kawasaki ZX-6R is hands down, the most technologically advanced supersport. It’s got the big piston forks, a revised engine, slipper clutch, steering damper, etc. Kawasaki builds a very very EXCITING bike. I own a 2004 ZX-10R. I know. The CBR600RR is getting old, but it is still a very nice bike. Very light, very user friendly power, lots of torque. Resale value is also high. Yamaha’s R6 looks good, but for some reason it is very small for me. I am a 6 foot tall guy. It also feels soft at the bottom end of the rev range compared to the other supersports. The GSX-R600 is plain ugly to me, and I haven’t really been a fan of Suzuki. Oh and keep in mind, Suzuki insurance is higher than others in my area (Southern California – Orange County).

If you want a literbike, the BMW S1000RR is best if you want the bike that exudes the most technology. It is also priced competitively with the Japanese.

You can’t go wrong. Just get on different ones and see which one fits you best.

Lisa asks…

Daytona 675R, ZX6R, CBR600RR, or a BMW S1000RR?

Now given i have done my fair research over the past year and the daytona and zx6r seem to be on top for the 600 class, though that was last year, and each of these bikes have went through multiple changes for 2013. to my knowledge the 675 and zx6r are still on top, but i would like to hear what people think & know about these bikes.. ( my preference is the 675r as far as the middle class bikes, but i want the top of the line bike for this year! possibly even the next) as for the S1000rr i would like to know more about it, i’ve been riding a suzuki Gsx650f for about 2 years and it has 72hp, the bmw stands at a claimed 193hp and about 70 lbs less in weight. meaning it would be incredible in the corners for a 1000, but i feel like that is ALOT of power.

If you wanna add in any input about an R6, or GSXR, feel free! i’ve been doing a lot of endless research for months, but i’d love to hear perspectives from actual riders!

Thank you all!

Administrator answers:

1.- bmw s1000rr

(if you have the money )

1.-Aprilia RSV4 , 2.- Ducati Panigale, or and 3.- MV Agusta . In that order

* 18 years sportbikes mechanic developer

Mark asks…

which is the best super bike ever?

i like to know the best super bike in the world.

Administrator answers:

As in street legal?
Right herr Full carbon fiber BMW S1000RR …..Id give your left nut for this bike

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