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Your Questions About Bmw S1000rr

July 18, 2012

Joseph asks…

Is it a good idea to trade in two 2007 Honda cbr 1000rr’s for a 2011 BMW S1000rr?

trade in two used motorcycles for a new top of the line BMW motocycles

Administrator answers:

No keep what you have and save your money the bikes you have now are nice 1000′s and you really do not need to upgrade to a bmw your just wasting money at this point

Donna asks…

Kawasaki ZX-10r or BMW S1000RR?

I’ve owned an ’06 Suzuki Katana, and an ’06 Kawasaki ZX-14. I’m now in the market for a liter bike and have narrowed it down to either a 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10r (non-ABS) or a 2011 BMW S1000RR. I prefer doing all maintenance and fixes myself as I have never had a good experience with a mechanic… ever.

So does the BMW require any special tools or higher priced/rare replacement parts? The minor HP difference isn’t a concern to me, and is “fixable” regardless. I just want which ever will be more reliable and last longer with proper maintenance, and see what others think.

(please note, I have owned and raced bikes with similar power and am not new to motorcycling. Please do not respond with statements such as “get a smaller bike” or “more beginner friendly” I have asked questions before where people fail to read the fact that I have owned high performance bikes and know what I’m doing, but proceed to waste our time posting similar statements. Thanks much for you input, and happy riding)

Administrator answers:

Bit of a tough choice. The bikes are very similar in specs so it would really come down to personal taste. If you like funky headlights, then go for the BM.
“I prefer doing all maintenance and fixes myself”. Unless you are a factory trained mechanic, I wouldn’t be touching either bike, They are so chock full of electronics and technology to be way over the head of even the best backyard mechanic (maybe change the oil). If you think you can work on them, good luck to you.
The hp difference (193 vs 200) is academic unless you are in a superbike racing team. Both bikes are still new and I haven’t seen much in the way of go fast bits (there’s a few bits available for the BM, some special exhaust from Europe) and there should be some WSBK bits floating about somewhere.

Personally I would go for the Kwaka. If something was to go bung with the BM, the parts alone would be the GDP of a small country.

Richard asks…

If you were Young Strong and in College would you get Ducati 1198 or a BMW S1000rr?

I am young and in college and i want to buy a superbike, i have it narrowed down to the Ducati 1198 or the BMW S1000rr. Which one would you choose if you were 18, in college and conceited, It will be my first big bike, I used to have a 110 Dirtbike for about 4 years since I was about 12-16, I want to know which one you would choose, also I will be taking a motorcycle safety course, and I’m sure many of you will tell me not to get it as my first bike but I really don’t want to wait another 2 years until I buy what I really want. I am not a crazy driver never gotten any speeding tickets. Even though I am a calm driver, I want to know that I have that power there, just in case I ever “need” it. I am always like that, if I buy anything I always want it to be top of the line and different or at least less common, Where I live there are several GSX,CBR’s, Repsols, and R1′s, I want to stand out, of course, i’m in college, which one would you choose if you knew you had self control, and you knew you would not go crazy or wreck it.

Administrator answers:

Why do you believe a 180 mph road racing motorcycle that has been adapted for use on the street would be A-OK for a beginner?
First point, doubt you will be able to obtain insurance. Insurance companies will deny coverage unless the bike is for off road use only.
Second, your dirt riding experience means nothing other than you know how to use the controls. Ether bike will go faster in first gear than your 110 cc bike running flat out.
Being a calm driver means nothing. There is nothing calm about riding either bike.
You don’t have the skills to ride with “self control.”
Here is something to think about. A jerk on a cool bike is still a jerk.
A bike will NOT make you a better person. It will violently hurt you when you give either bike the smallest twist of the throttle at the wrong time. Then you will see your beautiful motorcycle tumbling end over end shedding parts and plastic everywhere. Of course you are also tumbling end over end shedding skin everywhere. Due to your arrogance you don’t strike me as a person that would wear head to toe riding gear.
Be certain to sign your donor card. And don’t worry about your grades. You will not be able to finish college from a hospital bed.
If you wish to stand out, buy a Triumph 800 Tiger.

Michael asks…

Will the 2011 BMW s1000rr have adaptive headlights?

When do they release the 2011 line or just show us what it looks like? Also do you think the new s1000 will have BMW‘s new adaptive headlight technology?

Administrator answers:

The S 1000 RR (BMW likes to have the spaces in the model name) will not have the adaptive headlights. Call your local dealer to find the exact date that they will have the 2011 models in (details are already out about the new model, the only major change I know of offhand is the green has been dropped in favor of yellow).

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