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Your Questions About Bmw S1000rr

January 30, 2013

Ken asks…

Going from a Nina 250r to a S1000RR?

Hi, i’ll be attending the Super bike Racing School down in Willow Springs during the summer to get an introduction into racing motorcycles (level one.) I’m 17 and have been riding my first bike, a 09 Ninja 250r, since October. I usually ride on the weekends, but not super frequently. I’m comfortable on the bike, and have dealt with stressful situations such as tires locking up. Recently, a light with cameras turned yellow as I was nearing it (the road is a 55mph, I was going about 60.) The light’s yellow is notoriously short (probably to give out more tickets -.-,) so I got on my brakes and my rear tire locked up and started fishtailing probably about a foot to the left and right, but I managed to avoid a lowslide and got the bike to a stop in front of the crosswalk (phew.) I don’t think i’m bringing my bike because the ride to Willow Springs from where I live is about 5-6 hours, and i’ll be getting a bigger bike when I go to college so I want to see how I fare.

The Ninja is obviously not as powerful as the 190hp BMW compared to my tiny 32 hp. My question is, what things should I know and expect when i move up to this bike. Any “NEVER DO THIS” things I should know, or things that are critical to know that I should be informed of? Any tips with handling, throttle, braking, etc. are all welcomed. I’ve also never been on a track. I’m a safe rider on the road, I never swerve around lanes or do anything stupid that will leave me in a body bag. I consider myself a good motorcyclist, and I’ve been told when I ride with other guys with bikes that I’m a smart rider.


Administrator answers:

You barely have any riding experience yet feel the need for a 170 mph 190 horsepower road racing motorcycle, do I have this correct?
Riding since October only on weekends, 17 years of age, yet you want a bike with an MSRP of $13,800 with insurance costing at least $3500 a year and soon to be going to college. Is this all correct?
How about no, do not get this bike. You are only starting your learning to ride a two wheeler. It is one thing to be riding on perfectly smooth, gravel free roads without any traffic. But that is not reality. You are learning how to cope with the ever changing traffic and road conditions while staying balanced on two wheels. Stick with the smaller bike for now. Have you inquired into insurance costs? Costs have to be huge given the nature of the bike and the fact you are under 18.
So to answer the NEVER DO THIS question, don’t buy a racing motorcycle when you have so little experience.
Good Luck

John asks…

hyabusa killer on the way look out japan…?

what do yall think about BMW‘s new supersport S1000RR coming out in 09′ for the circuits and 10 for public ???

Administrator answers:

BMW will have a tough time in WSB with this machine.

They have a lot of racing knowledge & are going to need it.

The current teams are so well dailed in ( like the 1098′s and the Ten Katé team) that BMW will have a challange.

As for been a Hayabusa killer ……….. No.

It wont race against it, as the Busa is not a WSB bike, and it wont stand a chance against it on the road. Honda make the mistake of leaving the Blackbird 100cc short and it cost them the road crown.

Just if anyone is wondering about the BMW, its this one :

Joseph asks…

If you were Young Strong and in College would you get Ducati 1198 or a BMW S1000rr?

I am going to buy a motorcycle in the next few months and I still can’t decide which bike I want. I definitely like the Ducatis because of their exclusivity and they seem like they are the Ferraris of motorcycles, I want to have something that not anyone has, I see alot of GSX and CBR, Ninjas around here so I don’t want to add to the mix, I want something different that is why I was thinking of the Ducati or BMW, I also want the power in case maybe one day some other rider decides to come up beside me and try to race but i’m not really going to be using all the power all the time, also, this is going to be my first real motorcycle(I used to ride a 110 4 stroke kawasaki dirtbike when I was 12 for about 4 years, I am now 18) so I will definitely go to a motorcycle safety course, I was wondering, If you were young, conceited, and strong and in college, which bike would you get? (dont tell me i’m gonna get killed and that it’s not a good starter bike because I know that already, remember, i’m young and in college, I have also never gotten a speeding ticket and never speed above 5mph over the limit, i’m a calm driver. So any opinions? I am also aware that a new ducati superbike is in the making for 2012 so i don’t really want to wait, i might get a used 1198.

Administrator answers:

I will answer your question the same as your other question.
Why do you believe a 180 mph road racing motorcycle that has been adapted for use on the street would be A-OK for a beginner?
First point, doubt you will be able to obtain insurance. Insurance companies will deny coverage unless the bike is for off road use only.
EDIT I wish to reiterate this point. Even if you have the money for either bike, insurance companies will not cover you due to the high performance nature of each bike and the FACT you are a total beginner. No insurance, no bike.
Second, your dirt riding experience means nothing other than you know how to use the controls. Ether bike will go faster in first gear than your 110 cc bike running flat out.
Being a calm driver means nothing. There is nothing calm about riding either bike.
You don’t have the skills to ride either bike.
Here is something to think about. A jerk on a cool bike is still a jerk.
A bike will NOT make you a better person. It will violently hurt you when you give either bike the smallest twist of the throttle at the wrong time. Then you will see your beautiful motorcycle tumbling end over end shedding parts and plastic everywhere. Of course you are also tumbling end over end shedding skin everywhere. Due to your arrogance you don’t strike me as a person that would wear head to toe riding gear.
Be certain to sign your donor card. And don’t worry about your grades. You will not be able to finish college from a hospital bed.
If you wish to stand out, buy a Triumph 800 Tiger.”
Being conceited is a lousy trait to have when you are behind the handlebars of a motorcycle.
Last point, your comment “never speed above 5 mph over the limit” is a lie. EVERYONE SPEEDS. So don’t use that comment when every driver speeds.
Question, do you wish to buy a bike to look at or to ride? I hope the later. So why buy 180 mph road racing bikes that you will use just to putter around town in first or second gear?
It is more fun to go fast on a slow bike than it is to ride slow on a fast bike.

William asks…

The superbike for me?S1000rr or the CBR 1000RR?

I am thinking to buy a superbike ,Ducati is out of the question,isn’t my type.Absolutely Hate The R1.The ZX-10R ninja is considered unsafe and is much more likely to get stolen.the The GSX -R just doesn’t appeal to me. RSV4 and the RC8- um……. I’ll pass(Besides the RC8 doesn’t have a slipper clutch). I am now thinking about either Honda or the BMW.The Honda’s best in class chassis , Refinement and time tested product draws me and coupled with a very punchy mid-range it really has all the things i would want from my bike,But then again So does the S1000RR.I think the electronics package, the CABS and Superior horsepower appeals to me.Online reviews show it to be a hell of a bike i would also be thankful to hear from the people who have have genuine riding experience with these bikes.just to know how the stack up in the long run

Administrator answers:

“The ZX-10R ninja is considered unsafe “. Uh-huh. By who? You’ve obviously never ridden one, so lemme tell you a little secret – any of those bikes you mention is gonna be unsafe with you on it. If you were capable of riding any of these bikes you wouldn’t need to ask this question. So do yourself a favour – read the links below, then go take an MSF course. And when you take the course, don’t go in there thinking you know it all already. You obviously don’t even know how much you need to learn yet.


Lizzie asks…

Why did BMW make the S1000RR with such ugly headlamps?

Otherwise a kickass bike.
I can understand that they want a unique design but it also has to look cool.It looks squint.

Administrator answers:

Haha I know ehat you mean. Bmw just wanted a seperate high beam and loe beam headlight so that was their creation. If you think about it broski, it looks pretty cool. It looks like a raised angry eyebrow haha

Steven asks…

What is the most fuel efficient speed on a sport motorycle?

At what velocity would you have the greatest MPG on a sports bike? GSXR 750 if any1 happens to know it for that bike. And please if you can, give links to your sources.

Administrator answers:

People who say that (engine) speed should be high are, of course, fools. James’s answer is the only useful answer so far. Engine speed should be low = highest possible gear.

For cars there are studies on the topic showing that the best speed is about 45-55 mph, with fuel economy drastically deteriorating beyond 70 mph. For motorcycles, unfortunately, I’m not aware of any such studies.

However, for some strange reason, BMW publishes information on motorcycle mpg at a constant 90km/h = 56 mph and at a constant 120km/h = 75 mph. For the S1000RR for instance, which I suppose is most similar to the GSX-R750, the figures are as follows:

Constant 90km/h = 56 mph: 5.7l/100km = 41.3 US mpg

Constant 120km/h = 75mph: 5.9l/100km = 39.9 US mpg


Overall I’d say that the key to high fuel economy is to avoid having to accelerate, especially uphill, especially fast. During acceleration fuel consumption is extremely high (on cars often four times as much as on average, or even higher).

Michael asks…

If the BMW and R1 are as good as the mags say, why is club still on the Gixxers?

Wouldn’t winning be better than a little contingency money? I mean, if they were really that much better.

I don’t care either way. I have no bike. I retired with various bikes years ago. The dyno figures are up since but the bikes still look lardy — haven’t hardly lost a pound.

Administrator answers:

Because they’re marginally better as street bikes, not necessarily race bikes (and lots of mags didn’t like the R1).

The R1 is way down on power, though it’s more tractable, so needs more tuning to get up to speed. It also has less aftermarket support for cheap racing bits and takes more work to get it to respond.

The Beemer is brand spanking new, so aftermarket support is almost non-existent. It also may not respond as well to race mods as the GSXR. Changes like that don’t happen overnight. Look at BMW’s WSBK effort. Biggest budget by far, and no wins in a year and a half (Aprilia is embarrassing them). They’re getting very close, but are still having a hard time with tires going off in the latter half of races. It’s proof that outright power isn’t the be all and end all. If the factory effort is having that much trouble (while spending all that money), imagine what a club racer would have to go through.

Believe me, if the racers at your local club are anything like the ones at mine, they’ll ride anything if it helps them win and is in their budget. If the R1 or S1000RR were the ticket, they’d be on them.

Jenny asks…

what type of bike can i buy in chicago that is legal ?

i am 16 and i want a motorcycle, moped, pocket bike, etc. but i was wondering what type of bike is legal to ride in Chicago for my age and do i need any license or permit? also what types of bikes do you recommend?

Administrator answers:

You can go to the DMV and take the motorcycle test. As long as you pass the test; you can drive any motorcycle/bike you want, as long as it passes an emission’s test. I’m 17, and I drive my dad’s BMW S1000RR.

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