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Your Questions About Bmw S1000rr

March 4, 2013

George asks…

WHY are the seats on Sport bikes so high?

The Honda XT 700 I looked at last week had 8″ of clearance between the tire and the bottom of the seat pan, the fender was separate, but the bike only has 5″ of rear suspension travel.
Lowering the seat will allow many of us shorter riders to choose that one AND lower the Center of Gravity.
OK, I may have listed the wrong model, I meant the street/road version.
I have no problem with wheel travel, but the fender/seat section coluld be 1/4″ (6mm) above the wheel travel with not interference.

Administrator answers:

XT700 or XL700? The XL TransAlp is not a sportsbike at all (not even close)

It is the same as a Suzuki Vstrom , whatever they are called (adventure bikes?)

If you stand next to a Honda CBR1000RR or a BMW S1000RR, you will see that that they are actually quite small

Mark asks…

Pros and cons of a 2011 Suzuki gsxr 1000 and a 2011 suzuki hayabusa. Which would you get?

Ok what’s better about the gsxr 1000 that isn’t good bout the hayabusa and reverse. Wats better about the hayabusa that’s not good about the gsxr 1000. And the pros and cons of each bike. Which would you get. I’m going for 1 of these two bikes. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Well the new gsxr 1000 has the same powerout put as the busa does now…so pretty much everything is better about it except if you start doing heavy modifications for drag racing then the busa will come far out ahead…

Before people start giving me the thumbs down…look it up. Hell the BMW S1000RR has almost 20 more horsepower than both of those.


James asks…

can somebody in the military get a discount off of a motorcycle purchase and how much?

just wondering how much a marine can get off a sports bike like a cbr, gsxr, r6, ninja 636

Administrator answers:

BMW does offer discounts and special financing for military. Get a S1000RR and forget those others. OOOO-RAAAH!.

Paul asks…

What type of motorcycle is knwn as the busa killer ?

Administrator answers:

Have never heard any bike described like that. Maybe a BMW S1000RR or the 2011 ZX-10 but they are all speed limited like the busa

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