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Your Questions About Bmw S1000rr

April 9, 2013

Thomas asks…

2010 Aprilia RSV4 Factory cost how much in singapore?

and is this a good bike?or any other bike are batter than this bike?

Administrator answers:

Im not sure you can get the limited edition Factory RSV4 in Singapore
but you can use the UK figures as a guide
bike cost 15,000 GBP

15,000.00 GBP = 31,242.10 SGD
I expect shipping costs will add to that figure.

Another bike as good would be the BMW S1000RR 12,000GBP = 25,000 SGD

Joseph asks…

What do you think of Ducati’s new Panigale superbike?

Administrator answers:

Very nice…but I’m skeptical of what they’ve claimed.

195bhp? Really? Kawasaki claimed 200 with their new ZX-10R but it was more like 185/190. The same story is true of the S1000RR. BMW claimed 193bhp for that and they’re again more like 185/190 at most.

I’d love to have a go on one and see one up close, but I’m still a big fan of the S1000RR! (plus, if I could have a Ducati…I’d go for the proper ‘replica’ and buy a Desmosedici
–Mikey B–

Betty asks…

Crotch Rockets, do you guys have any favorites?

So here’s the deal, i’ve been obsessed over crotch rockets for years and i’m saving up for one to buy when i turn 18.
My question is, which ones are the best?
i.e; one that’s not too crazy for a girl to handle.
Thanks in advance.
Sports bike, crotch rocket, idgaf.
You guys get the picture :D
Thanks for all the great answers so far.

Administrator answers:

Ok, first you need to take a safety course and then you can take the motorcycle test so then you have your motorcycle endorsement and it’s legal for you to ride on the street…
First: no bike is too crazy for a girl to handle if they’re a good enough rider.

Second: motorcycles are more about what’s best for YOU.. Not what’s “the best bike out there” ex: the bike that was voted “best of the year” is the BMW s1000rr but that bike would be TERRIBLE for you because it’s a bike that is designed to be ridden by a more experienced rider.

I’m an 18 year old girl and I ride a Triumph street triple and it’s a fabulous ride, plenty fast (150mph) and it’s actually pretty easy to ride… I prefer the european bikes to the rice rockets because riding them is just a more refined experience, every rice rocket that i’ve ever ridden has been work to ride in comparison to the Ducatis, BMWs, Triumphs, MVagustas, etc which have all been.. Just…. Nice to ride.
Go to some dealerships and sit on some bikes, see what you’re comfortable on.
After you get your endorsement, see if they’ll let you demo some bikes (I frequent the local BMW/Triumph dealership and they let me ride whatever, whenever)
Don’t get a 1000cc bike, whatever you do because I promise you it will be more than you can handle, you might like the idea of going 200+mph but I wouldn’t even think about going that fast until you have a few years experience under your belt. I’ve seen way too many people climb on litre bikes for their first ride and crashing and never riding again because of it..
Also: wear all the gear, all the time because road rash HURTS… Trust me.
Gear may be expensive but it is all that is between you and the road.

Mandy asks…

Why are BMW Motorcycles so cheap?

correct me if I’m wrong, but a friend told me that they were only $10k to $20 k, which seems very cheap to me …… my question is, if they are that cheap, why doesn’t everyone have one? $10k is nothing, its less than the price of a second hand beat up car

or are BMW motorcycles somehow not “cool” ?

Administrator answers:

For any given “type” of motorcycle, BMWs are generally among the more expensive models. The S1000RR is an exception. There is no point in comparing M/C prices with car prices–an “apples and oranges” comparison.

Linda asks…

The best professional speed motorbike?

Hi there. :)
I’m currently writing a story and I need to find a motorbike for a professional motorcycle racer in the story. Can you give me some good brands or models’ names’?

Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

Honda RC212V / CBR1000 Fireblade

Yamaha M1 / R1

Suzuki GSV-R / GSX-R

Ducati GP11 / 1198RS

Kawasaki ZX-RR / ZX-10



Aprillia RSV-4

Mary asks…

Yamaha YFZ R1 vs Bmw S1000 RR?.?

2011 Yamaha YFZ R1 vs 2010 Bmw S1000 RR?.
Because it says in TopSpeed that they both hit 190mph +

Administrator answers:

Bmw s1000rr in my opinion, look at the reviews on youtube, the bmw was called KING

William asks…

what kind of dirt bike should i get 5’4, 125 lb newbie?

Administrator answers:

BMW S1000rr, you may like that bike, but sorry, you are way to small for it, and you are only starting, so get a Honda CBR250r or a Kawasaki Ninja 250r

Jenny asks…

What is the Best Sports bike in 2012 ?

Administrator answers:


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