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Your Questions About Bmw S1000rr

May 6, 2013

George asks…

Going from a Nina 250r to a S1000RR?

Hi, i’ll be attending the Super bike Racing School down in Willow Springs during the summer to get an introduction into racing motorcycles (level one.) I’m 17 and have been riding my first bike, a 09 Ninja 250r, since October. I usually ride on the weekends, but not super frequently. I’m comfortable on the bike, and have dealt with stressful situations such as tires locking up. Recently, a light with cameras turned yellow as I was nearing it (the road is a 55mph, I was going about 60.) The light’s yellow is notoriously short (probably to give out more tickets -.-,) so I got on my brakes and my rear tire locked up and started fishtailing probably about a foot to the left and right, but I managed to avoid a lowslide and got the bike to a stop in front of the crosswalk (phew.) I don’t think i’m bringing my bike because the ride to Willow Springs from where I live is about 5-6 hours, and i’ll be getting a bigger bike when I go to college so I want to see how I fare.

The Ninja is obviously not as powerful as the 190hp BMW compared to my tiny 32 hp. My question is, what things should I know and expect when i move up to this bike. Any “NEVER DO THIS” things I should know, or things that are critical to know that I should be informed of? Any tips with handling, throttle, braking, etc. are all welcomed. I’ve also never been on a track. I’m a safe rider on the road, I never swerve around lanes or do anything stupid that will leave me in a body bag. I consider myself a good motorcyclist, and I’ve been told when I ride with other guys with bikes that I’m a smart rider.


Administrator answers:

I would say that you have FAR too little experience to gain anything by riding an S1000RR on the track. You don’t even have a year on the road yet, so you aren’t anywhere near mastering your 26 HP 250. You will spend all of your attention on trying to deal with the BMW’s power and mass, and learn nothing about the track, what lines to take, what your braking markers should be, proper gear selection, etc. For you, it will be a monumental waste of time and money, and you will probably be a rolling roadblock for others in your class. A halfway experienced rider would run laps around you and the BMW, while riding your 250! If I were you, I would get a refund if you’ve already booked this event.

You may become a great rider, but one is NOT born with the knowledge or the skill: Those only come with seat time and practice, practice, and more practice.

Jenny asks…

whats the fastest bmw on the market?

Administrator answers:

It completes the qtr. Mile in 9.5 seconds@ 155 mph. Does 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds. Has a top speed of 189 mph and costs just $13,999 for the base model. The BMW S1000RR.

Thomas asks…

What is The Name Of That Motor cycle Which Fergie Drove In Black Eyed Peas’s New Video ‘Imma Be’?

Recently I’ve checked out Balck eyed Peas new video. Thre fergie Drove A massive looking BMW Motor Cycle. I didn’t get the model no. Could you please send me some link or any information regarding that motor cycle. I want to know more about that.

Here is the link where u can find that motor cycle. Please let me know and also enjoy the video.

Administrator answers:


Sierra BMW Motorcycle

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