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Your Questions About Bmw S1000rr

June 22, 2012

Paul asks…

Are there any kits to change the headlights on a BMW s1000rr?

Since they messed up the new BMW s1000rr with those hideous different headlights, I’m wondering if there’s any way to get something different (symmetrical)? I looked online but have not found anything so far. I’m considering buying one in the summer but I will not get it unless I can get different headlights that match

Administrator answers:

Nope. Not unless you get a custom fabbed upper fairing for it…(good luck on finding one).

There are no kits that I have seen for them…but I would still get one anyway. Those bikes are dominating everything on the street right now, and they have a very reasonable price tag too.

Betty asks…

Is a 2012 bmw s1000rr a good starter bike?

I’m looking to buy a bike to commute around town and possibly long trips (5-6 hours) the BMW s1000rr seems to be the safest bike around and I was also wondering about the power shifter and if it comes with one?

Administrator answers:

Start with a Ninja 250, you cant go with 1000cc thats a leaderbike dude. You will crash like everyone else and you dont want that to be s1000rr

Richard asks…

Should I get a Honda CBR1000rr or a BMW s1000rr?

I know that the BMW is the bike of the year (2010) but Honda has years of experience and I want to get something that is safe but also something that is exhilarating.
I already know how to ride a motorcycle. I have been riding for about 3 years. I started small and now I am ready for the big one. I just didn’t know which was was more suitable.

Administrator answers:

As said Bm have been ”at it” for donkeys years and build some superb bikes, but as a learner bike they will probably be too heavy for you until you have some experience. So start small and work your way up.Any small 2nd hand bike will get you up and running
I’ve been on Bee Emms for 30 plus years and do a heck of a lot of miles, but you really do need to hone Your skills on some thing easier to ride.
A skills course is another good way to get it right so ask around your local car bike clubs or your local Plod.
Good luck and enjoy.

Ruth asks…

Why does the BMW S1000RR have 2 different shaped head lights?

Administrator answers:

BMW puts a lot of thought into their designs. In one of college design classes we learned all about their new found obsession with asymmetry as well as continuity of lines etc. They’ve got someone working for them that understands that stuff fairly well, even if most of us are just confused by it lol

David asks…

Please tell me that which is the best superbike to buy?? Yamaha R1 or Suzuki Hayabusa or BMW S1000RR?

I’m in desperate need of an answer.. Please!

Administrator answers:

This question is quite subjective. It all depends on your riding style/goals. I will assume that you have a fair amount of riding experience to begin with; being that you are looking at these three bikes. The hayabusa is heavier than the other two. Given a consistent rider, it will give you more top end speed and faster acceleration (1300 cc vs 1000cc). In my opinion the R1 and BMW would be more (and this is a stretch) “rider friendly” and would make excellent track bikes, if those are your plans. All three of these bikes are powerhouses and can easily chew you up and spit you out if you can’t ride. If I had the choice, I’d go with the BMW, based on all the good things I’ve heard, and my own personal goals.

I own an ’08 R6 and love it for what it is (street/track bike), as well as a 2010 Speed Triple, which is my daily rider, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Good luck on your decision.

Steven asks…

In resale and op cost which is better a bmw s1000rr or harley roadking?

Administrator answers:

Roadking for sure,.

Mark asks…

why is the BMW S1000RR the most powerful production bike?

surely you can get more power in a bike, forgive me i know nearly nothing about bikes. A i know a small amount about cars but not the mechanics, but for example Bugatti got 1000bhp out a production car, surely a bike could handle 200-240bhp?
i mean why are PRODUCTION bikes not 200-240 sorry

Administrator answers:

BMW is normally aspirated 1000cc. The Bug is 8000cc and has forced induction, sit should be 16x as strong as the BMW but its only ~5x.

Also, it depends what you call ‘production’ Ducati made 400 $72000 Desmocidi and they are over 200hp, I think some $120k MV Agustas are too, but Ive never seen dyno sheets. And then there are the Boss Hosses, Production figures are hard to pin down but there are several thousand with way more than 200hp, from Gm motors (4.3 vortec V-6, ZZ5 small block, various LS small blocks and 502s). And then there is the Y2K…

Donald asks…

Where can i buy a 2009 BMW S1000RR in New York?

Administrator answers:

Well here is a list of what comes up when you do “find a dealer” from their website,

I didn’t know if you meant New York the state or the city, so it’s four pages. If you meant both, then BMW of Manhattan on west 57th.

Donna asks…

BMW s1000rr first bike?

So I am considering getting my first street bike, and as crazy as it seems, I am strongly considering getting a BMW S1000RR. Before you say that I must be ready for the insane asylum for wanting to start out on a liter bike, let me give you some background information on me. I grew up racing karts and riding dirt bikes. I have also had a really significant amount of track time in real cars and have been through many racing schools. I learned from a young age that the place to test the limits is the track, not the street. I am only 19 years-old, but because of my level of responsibility and driving ability, my parents have allowed me to daily an Evo X with about 450hp. I have never even been pulled over. My dad also has also given me permission to drive his Ferrari F430 when ever I choose, and he actually feels more comfortable having me drive it than having him behind the wheel. Point is, I am not some crazy teen that thinks he is invincible. I have a level of maturity that is usually reserved for 40 somethings. Regardless of the kind of bike I get, I do not plan on ever riding on busy public roads. I will mainly be either on backstreets or potentially at a track. The reason I am considering the BMW is because of its traction control system. If you’re not too familiar with the S1000RR, its rain mode for example is considered to be “stupid” proof. The bike will actually cut the power to the rear wheel if the front starts to come up. I know that my racing history and dirt bike riding will not make me a good rider right off of the bat, but I feel as if the BMW could actually be a viable option at this point. I understand the benefits to starting on a 250 and am not completely opposed to that route, but I would really like to get a bike that is more unique and excites me from a visual standpoint as well. Other bikes that I might consider are the Aprilia RSV4 (due to the traction control system) and the Triumph Daytona 675R.

I really appreciate your feedback.

Administrator answers:

You have riding experience, but riding a dirt bike is NOT the same as riding on the street.

While I would say to get a larger bike than the 250 Ninja, I still think your first street bike should not be a liter bike or any form of track ready race bike. The Ninja 650r might be a good compromise.

I would suggest that you get a familiar bike. Get a super motard. They look, act and feel like a dirt bike, have some good street performance, but are light and what you are familiar with. With that, you can build the street riding skills you need to survive on the street without having to feel out a new bike that doesn’t act like you are used to.

The 1000r is in NO way a beginner’s bike for the street. While it has a lot of ‘safety’ systems, those are not designed to protect a newbie rider and that bike will be really, really expensive if you drop it. Something most new riders do a time or two. And, yes, you are a new street rider.

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