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Your Questions About Bmw Suv 2012 Models

August 11, 2013

Sandra asks…

Whats a good first car for a 16 year old girl?

My Sweet 16 is coming up and my father and I will be going car shopping this week Ive been doing some research and have narrowed down my list to a few choices of cars that I really like I live in California so winter here is not a problem haha im kind of into sporty convertibles and SUV‘s if you have any other ideas of good options for me im open to change

My 1st choice: BMW 328i Convertible 2012

My 2nd choice: Range Rover 2012

My 3rd choice: Lexus ISC Convertible 2012

My 4th choice: Mercedes Benz E class convertible 2012

And finally my last choice: Porsche 911 Carrera 2012

Ok please give me some good advice and dont call me spoiled im an honor student and I have to work hard for what I get and own academic wise so thank you Best Answer 10 points

Administrator answers:

I received a Mercedes Benz E Class as my first car and its a very comfortable and luxurious car. I’m obviously going to recommend the E Class convertible because the E Class models are just an all around good car. Luxury, Prestige, Comfort. All the cars you listed are good choices though. Here are my recommendations….

The BMW is a more sport oriented luxury car and is fun to drive.
The Range Rover is a great SUV and the interiors look good.
The Lexus… Eh its really just a toyota with an expensive badge but they’re good cars :) .
The Mercedes is known for prestige and luxury.
The Porsche is the sports car out of all the cars you named.

Good Luck and Happy Birthday!!!

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