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Your Questions About Bmw Suv 2012 Models

April 4, 2013

George asks…

Please give example of an affordable 2012 model car which has at least 43 inches front leg room?

I am 6 feet and I drive 2007 Toyota Corolla. Unfortunately the leg room is tight and I have suffered from leg cramps for years after going on long drives. I put the seat as far back as it can go, but I am still not satisfied. This is a genuine grievance I have. The legroom dimension for the driver is 41.3 inches. Its not enough. If I can get around 2 inches more leg room, it will be a whole lot better. The more leg room the better. After researching I discovered Porsche Cayenne has maximum leg room in the industry 67 inches front leg room but I cannot afford that. Also BMW grand tourismo has 57 inches front leg room and I can’t afford that either. Thirdly the mercedez benz G class SUV has 52 inches front leg room and that too is unaffordable . All I see is that cars with lot of leg room are super expensive. How bout something for less than 20K or up to 25K at most?

Administrator answers:

KIA optima is pretty my uncle drove in mine he’s 6′ 6″ ge fit fine…um the sticker for a loaded up one with a turbo, what I got, was $32,000 sticker but I got it for $28,000. It’s a great ride handles lovely and fast :) 294hp haha…um but it you just get the ex version of it same space inside the sticker price is $23,000 but I’m sure you could get it down to about 19-20,000

Mandy asks…

what car should i get for my first car?

my dad and i are considering small-mid sized SUVS. options we have talked about are the Acura RDX, BMW X3, Lexus RX, and the Mercedes GLK all the 2012 model. which one is the best. do you have any suggestions.
* 2013 model

Administrator answers:

The new BMW X3 has great styling of all of them as well as the best engine and a great interior. BMWs in general are jsut great and their SUVs are no exception. The Lexus RX is also very very nice car. The new and improved interior is both unique and beautiful. Lots of new technology and it has just a fantastic interior. The RX400h which I prefer, gets great mpg (about 24) and the hybrid engine is just fantastic. I do not recommend the Acura, it just doesnt compare with these cars. The GLK is also very nice but the BMW X3 and Lexus RX have had the best recent improvements making them your best options. Good luck!

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