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Your Questions About Bmw Suv Mpg

July 11, 2013

Sandra asks…

Possible lawsuit on BMW about incorrect fuel rating?

i own 08 x3 34.5k Miles still under manufacturer warranty till august end. On the sticker it says 17mpg on city & 24 hwy.
I am actually getting way less than even less than 12 mpg city and less than 16 on highway (reality) not even in fuel rating range.
I took it to couple of BMW dealership to get checked they found nothing wrong on the car regards to fuel efficiency.
I am a good and economical driver based on my driving records and owned other suvs (RX350,ML320) never had MPG issue.I have driven 2011 335d i get about 30(city) and 36 mpg (hwy)easy proves my point i am economical driver.

i Always use 91 octane fuel and NO load on the car and mature driver.

I called BMW North america to complain about the incorrect fuel economy rating GIVEN but response i got is as long as no issue on the car they can’t help. makes no sense 17mpg & 24mpg is FAKE rating and NOT real.

I am confident on my economic driving and want to proceed on lawsuit on BMW. what IS GOING TO happen here in reality.. Obviously there are more overhead , expenses and time but could be worth.

also suggest some good lawyers regards to this…

Thanks in advance !

Administrator answers:

95% of good fuel economy is the driver. The car is going to get what it getw, it is up to the driver to maximize what the car can deliver and almost no one does.

The “estimated” fuel economy printed on the window sticker was determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and NOT at all by BMW, so if you want to bitch at someone and refuse to look at the real problem in the mirror then take your case to the federal government.

When you say you are an “economical driver” I would like to know what you think that actually means because I can pretty much guarantee you probably don’t know the first thing about truly efficient driving.

John asks…

Which luxury suv is best?

I know I don’t want a BMW x3 but what other ones are comparable . Please include mpg and cost of the cars. Guaranteed best answer.. Only brands such as mercedes Lexus Acura imfiniti Cadillac Audi ect… Thanks so much

Administrator answers:

For me it would be:

#1 Audi Q5 -looks amazing, but probably won’t last for an extended period of time, I would get rid of it before warranty runs out. Base price of 35k, 22 combined MPG

#2 Acura MDX – also looks really nice, proven to be reliable, very comfortable. Base price of 42k, 19 combined MPG

#3 Infiniti FX – probably also more reliable than Audi, good looking, but IMO not on par with the MDX. Base price of 43k, 19 combined MPG

#4 Porsche Cayenne – if you have an unlimited budget I’d get this, but it won’t be reliable at all and it will cost a fortune to option it out the way the most of the other vehicles come standard. Base price of 48k, 22 combined MPG

Donald asks…

looking for a great family car with exceptional fuel economy?

My wife and I are once again searching for another vehicle, I drive an S4 and she has an C class Benz, both of which don’t really cater to our needs as a family (2 kids).
We’re looking for either an SUV or Station Wagon that we can comfortably go on a long trip in, that means GPS navigation, very roomy, entertainment in the backseat to keep the kid’s quiet, and a very spacious trunk.
Preferably with good fuel economy too, I know it’s hard to find these days, but I don’t want to be dealing with 12 MPG.

Our budget is $50,000.

Some cars that interest us are
- Audi A6 Avant
- Porsche Cayenne
- Volkswagen Touareg
- BMW X5
- Acura MDX

any suggestion?

Administrator answers:

Hi…….seems like you prefer foreign cars, and expensive ones too. The VW touareg is a great car, but even with the small 8, i dont think gas mileage would be good. The Porsche is cute, but kinda small. You may want to consider a mini van, i like the Toyota version myself, the Sienna. Good on gas and quite roomy too. A well equipped one is low 30′s i think, and the reliability and resale is above average. SUV’s dont generally get good mpg, their just too big or boxy, or even heavy. I have a Nissan Pathfinder now, great truck, love the 4wd option, but its heavy, and with the 6 cylinder, automatic, it only gets about 17 mpg, and thats a small SUV by comparison to some of today’s vehicles. I know the minivan gives off the “soccer mom” image, but the Sienna will grow on you. And after a few years of comfortable driving, with lots of room for the kids and cargo, and decent gas mpg………your wallet will be pleased……….Good Luck!!

Mark asks…

Is now a good time to upgrade to a luxury SUV? I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra which is paid off.?

It gets about 30 MPG and i drive less than 4000 miles per year. I’m looking to upgrade to either a BMW X5, Acura MDX or a Volvo XC90. Probably a 2005 model. The reason for my upgrade would be so that i can drive a nicer car, have more cargo space if i do want to transport my kayak or bike about. I don’t drive enough to have the gas prices have that huge an impact, but I am concern about the gas prices, maintenance and the residual value of these options though. Any thoughts?

Administrator answers:

You’ve got to be kidding. As gas prices go up, people are trading in the SUVs and not getting what they thought they would because demand for them is so low. If you want more cargo room, get a diesel (can be converted to biodiesel in the future) or a hybrid. The saudis just announced yesterday that they will not be producing enough oil to cover the increase in consumption, which means that gas prices will continue to skyrocket- likely to reach $5/gallon next year.

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