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Your Questions About Bmw Suv Used

June 8, 2013

Maria asks…

what is the best web site in the uk to find used cars, suv etc?

i am looking for 06 bmw x5

Administrator answers:

You can try here if you want, got some nice used cars, trucks

John asks…

Does anyone have anything negative to say about the older BMW X5?

I am really interested in a good used BMW X5 that is 2000-2003 but I am not sure if is a good car for the money. I love the way they look and want to downsize to a smaller SUV. easy to maintain or hard, gas mileage smooth ride?? Any info would be great

Administrator answers:

I know someone who has one. She makes 1 000 000$ a year and could change it but she decided to keep it at the end of her lease because she likes it so much.

It’s fast, very comfortable, very roomy. Fuel economy compare with anything else with a v-8 very average.

Of course in a BMW when something brakes it should cost more than with an american product but its a very good choice. I’m not a SUV and BMW lover but whenever I hop in, i kinda want one.

Good luck with your buy.

Mark asks…

What is the best used luxury sedan for a new parent?

I am pregnant with my first child, and currently own an older model coupe, which I would like to upgrade to a used luxury sedan. I am currently looking at the BMW 3 series 2007 model, 2007 Cadillac CTS, or a Volvo XC-90 SUV. Please give your advice regarding safety and experience. Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Out of the 3 choices i choose BMW 3 series. From the base model to the top end the car is really safe. My uncle lost control and drove off a small cliff ( in Pontypool) and rolled at least 3 times down the cliff/hill (from what i can see, i was in another car with my dad) onto a new clear A road when he was driving my dads E30 318is (testing enough others cars) and my uncle was fine, when he came out, only scratches but no broken limbs or anything! The car had no airbags as well. Though the car was write off. This was in UK. Through that eye witnessing situation. I have always trusted BMW’s now.
That is 5 STAR life insurance for you. (In my opinion)

Joseph asks…

Best Used Sedan or SUV with Navigation for $35K?

My company has given me a $35,000 budget to source a vehicle.

I plan to buy a 2-3 year old premium vehicle and would appreciate what Year, Make, Model you consider to be of the best value for the money.

I will not be purchasing a Mercedes or American made vehicle.

I personally like Infiniti and BMW, however not owning them before makes this an unknown.

Want to make a good decision.

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll post a photo what I wind up with and put a link here.
For those that cry .. Buy American, I would if you can show me one vehicle that will hold better value than their German/Japanese counterparts.

Don’t think you can do it. :)
Remember the words USED and PREMIUM VEHICLE.

No new cars. Too much depreciation. Someone else can take the hit.

Administrator answers:

Why would you not buy an American vehicle? You want to make a good decision & yet you won’t buy American? That’s a shame. Change your mind & buy something made in the USA!

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