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Your Questions About Bmw Suv X5

May 9, 2013

Ken asks…

Whitch is better: a Volvo SUV or the BMW X5?

Administrator answers:

Well since you and your fiance are looking to buy an SUV when both of you become parents I would go for the Volvo XC90. Volvo itself is known to be the safest car company in the world so you little baby will be safe. It has many features and is a good car. It is true that it is owned by Ford, but Ford doesn’t manufacture them they just own the company. The BMW X5 is a very nice car. I’ve always liked them but I really think it is more like a car because it’s smaller than the Volvo and more like a sports car type SUV. So my pick would be to get a Volvo because you know the safety is always going to be their for your new family. Hope I helped answer your question. Click on the source to get more information on the Volvo XC90 and BMW X5. I also know this wasn’t what you guys are looking for but you might also want to consider the Volkswagen Touareg, its a very nice SUV that competes with the other SUVs and it is also very safe. Its kinda like a mixture of the both i think.

Joseph asks…

what SUV is better? BMW x5 or porsche cayenne or mercedes ML? and why?

Administrator answers:

The Mercedes ML. It’s the most reliable for a kickoff. The X5 is a crap SUV, the X3 is quite a lot cheaper and yet it does what the X-series is supposed to do a lot better than the X5 does. The Porsche Cayenne on the other hand is good on the road. Powerful, good ride, lots of room, etc. But on the road, it looks extremely ugly and off the road, the 20″ wheel and tyre combination make it a useless, not to mention expensive bush-basher. The ML on the other hand looks classy, depending on what trim still has a lot of power (especially the 6.3L V8 ML63 which will probably still end up cheaper than a Cayenne), and it’s all around better off-road which is essentially what SUVs are designed for in the first place.

Nancy asks…

Would a used 2003-2006 BMW X5 be a good SUV to get?

Administrator answers:

Beemer= motorcycle
Bimmer= automobile

Back to your question. They are great vehicles but have several issue’s that will arise. If you get a sport it has air ride and th is a guarantee to crap out on you. The window regulators will need to be replaced some windows a coupe times. And at $400 a pop it gets expensive. The radiator is plastic and will leak so replace the expansion tank while youre at it since it will leak as well. The water pump is crap and will go out prematurely also. Always keep a spare key charged if not ensure your vehicle isnt double locked (when you cant use the key in the door) so you can gain access if our key is dead.
I own a sport 4.6is and love my truck when it is running but I call it my stripper. Sexy on the outside and f’ed on the inside.
We also have an 01 m3 and its been maintenance free. For all your questions and to learn some facts look up
Great guys w/ a wealth of knowledge

Good luck

Richard asks…

Best SUV? Audi Q7, Q5, BMW x5, Aspen.?

Which one of the following can be considered the best, in terms of performance, quality, and just generally better.

my choices are Audi Q7, Q5, BMW x5?

Im leaning towards the Q7, really like the design, is considerably spacious, and is my favorite at the momment. Q5 has unique feats such as the led lights, massive sunroof window, but its kinda small.
love BMW‘s design, and i dont really know much about it.

thanks alot, and ill appreciate any help on this.
feel free to suggest a different model/make, if it really is better than my choices.

Administrator answers:

I love the audi q5 and q7,and i also love the merc m class

Robert asks…

I want to buy a brand new SUV. I am stuck between Mercedes ML350 and BMW X5. Please help?

Unbiased reviews will be appreciated :)

Administrator answers:

There are certainly better ways to take the kids to soccer practice, but if you have to get one of these clunkers I’d recommend the Mercedes. The BMW X5 has the lowest quality rating of any vehicle available in the US while the Mercedes is average, which is quite an accomplishment for a German maker these days.

Betty asks…

if you have a choice to buy a SUV wihich one of the 3 would you buy BMW x5 BENZ ML or RANGE ROVER SPORT…?

best of perfomance, quality, status, and durability. bear on mind between those 3 SUV‘s all of them v6 not v8
(bmwX5 3.0) (benz ML 350) (range rover sport)

Administrator answers:

BMW … The Range rover is a fantastic looking vehicle but the brand is known for having terrible Maintance issues. My brother in law drives a ML … Hates it – says build quality at MB has gone way, way down… The BMW is a great combo of good looks, fun driving dynamics, good build quality and acceptable maintenance ( of the three you have chosen ) … Here is a link to a comparison test for 2007 from car and driver ( BMW is 3rd in test but head of both cars you are looking at ) :

and below is a link to see cars side by side..

Good luck….

Helen asks…

Looking to buys SUV. Tell me the best one V6 Acura MDX, BMW X5 Mercedes R300. or tell me what else?


Administrator answers:

I have an MDX and I love it. Its a great car, handles well, nice styling. As far as gas mileage goes it doesn’t do too bad. In town it gets around 17mpg, but on long trips or highway driving it gets around 22-25mpg. I personally want to upgrade to an X5 but they are kinda expensive. If you have the 45k plus to spend on an SUV go for the X5, otherwise go for the MDX. It truly is a GREAT car! =)

Sharon asks…

which SUV is the better. BMW X5 OR RANGE ROVER?

Administrator answers:

Bmw, range rover maintenance and depreciaton nightmare.

William asks…

Which SUV would you rather have: BMW X5 3.0 or Acura MDX? Price no object.?

Administrator answers:


The MDX is quieter and 300-hp V6 makes it quicker.
Crash-test results are impressive.
The third row seat is actually usable.


the ride is stiff and choppy (at low speeds)
the iDrive driver-interaction system is sh**
tiny third-row seat.
Reliability of the new model has been average.

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