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Your Questions About Bmw Suv X5

February 26, 2013

George asks…

SUV BMW x5 and mecedes ML which on is a better SUV if i’m not going to use it for serious off road driving?

Administrator answers:

Don’t get either if you really want to go off road. They’re NOT a good choice for off road driving…. The X5 especially. I work on them every day as a BMW tech. NOT designed for serious off road driving at all.

Thats why there are REAL 4×4′s out there. BMW has never designed the x5 as a real off road vehicle… And neither has Mercedes designed their cruddy unit as an exclusive off road unit… Although it does perform marginally better off road.

I’d REALLY suggest you looking into a different make or model.

Joseph asks…

Do 1995 BMW X5 SUV have good reviews?

I am turning 16 and I might get a 1995 bmw X5 all wheel drive V8 4.4 L. Do these have good reviews and what is the top speed? Do these have good features? This one has a navigational system and radar detect are these good Ha.
Thank you!
Ya the Person my Mom is going to get it from made a error it was a 2001 but I don’t know anything about bmw‘s and I want to know the top spead so I knew if it was good to take on our freeway since I though it was a 1995, and alot of the cars I see from then say they can get 80 and they have a hard time getting there

Administrator answers:

The fact that you are 16 and you even thought about top speed shows you that you shouldn’t be driving that car and will end up wrecking it quite quickly. You’d be better off getting a beater cause you won’t feel bad when you wreck it and you’ll have more fun in the long run

The reliability of them sucked especially the earlier ones the only reason my father had one was his company paid for the lease which included maintenance.

Additional X5′s weren’t released until 1999.

John asks…

BMW X5 suv/jeep…does anyone have any experince with it?

Administrator answers:

Yes but what is your question? They are amazing if you want on-road performance. Do not try to take it off-road. It is the worst SUV in the class for off-road. It got such bad ratings that BMW refuses to call it a SUV. Instead the BMW X5 is classed as a SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) because there is little to no “Utility” about it. Can’t “Use” it for squat. Other than that, as a neighbor impress-or, it’s the bomb.

Thomas asks…

if you have a choice to buy a SUV which one would you buy (Range Rover Sport, BMW x5, Porsche Cayenne, ML Benz

a SUV Porsche Cayenne , BMW x5 , Range Rover Sport, or Mercedes Benz ML

Administrator answers:

Oh I love comparisons. Here’s my perspective of things. All SUVS chug gas and waste a considerable amount of space on the road, BUT I still love them for being so damn hated.

Car #1) Range Rover Sport: My #2 pick because it is so damn sexy. If you compare this to the normal Range Rover HSE you will never go back. There are however many ups and downs of this car which gives me reason to place it below my #1. The HSE model gives you a decent 300bhp while the Supercharged version gives you a whopping 390bhp in a 4.4L engine as well. The downside is that Land Rover has had very very very many issues with interior quality and overall reliability.

#2 BMW X5: This car gets my #3 pick because of electrical gremlins and the fact that its made in the good ol’ US of A. It is a very sex car and has 3 engine choices; the 3.0, 4.4 and the 4.8IS. The 4.8is gives you 355bhp which is more than enough, the looks are 2nd to the Range Rover.

#3 Porsche Cayenne: This gets my #1 spot ONLY and ONLY if it is the Turbo version. Any other Cayenne is a useless waste of space and money. The reason I voted this the #1 car is because it has been showered with so much love/hate. The car is also damn sexy and comes with 340bhp.

#4 B ML Class : No comment, MB has been plagued with reliabiliy and quality issues since 1999 and hit its worst in 2003. Still no difference to date.

Mark asks…

the bmw x5 best suv who agrees with me?

Administrator answers:

I think it’s probably the best handling and one of the best looking SUVs on the market, but there are faster ones available. It has a very sophisticated and sporty appearance like that of all BMWs and it has plenty of luxury features too. It also comes with the 5-year no maintenance cost warranty. I’d say it’s definitely one of the best SUVs out there. The MDX is not better than the X5…the MDX isn’t very quick, has mediocre handling, and it’s just plain ugly. Seriously, what is with that grille? The only thing the MDX beats the X5 at is probably reliability. The Japanese have that down to a science.

Paul asks…

Which SUV is better value for the money? BMW X5 4.8 Mercedes-Benz ML550? 2008 model?

Which SUV is better value for the money? BMW X5 4.8 Mercedes-Benz ML550? For 2008 model

Both the above SUV are priced same with similarly equipped ( i.e. $65K ), the main difference is the dumper to dumper warranties on the BMW for 4yrs/ 50K miles.

Are there any known issues with the model

Administrator answers:

If I had to choose, I would avoid both models. According to the consumer affairs database, both 2008 models suffer from faulty electrical components. I think the Mercedes offers better utility but I am not impressed with the look. The BMW looks much better but don’t expect to see more than 14.6 miles to a gallon- thats the average reported by owners with the 4.8 litre.

I would highly recommend the Cadillac Escalade or Lexus LX570. Both are superior in quality and long term reliability, with Lexus placing 1st, Cadillac 2nd, BMW a distant 16th and Mercedes 18th out of 44 manufactures in a long term reliability study.

I personally drive a 2007 Escalade ESV and love it. Its classy, very roomy, can tow my 8000 lb boat without breaking a sweat and is not that bad on gas considering it weighs 6000lbs and has 407 HP and runs 0-60 ini 6.1 seconds. Also, Car and Driver was very impressed with their long term model which according to them, had the lowest operating cost of any manufacturer they ever tested.

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