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Your Questions About Bmw Suv X6

August 22, 2013

Helen asks…

Why would anyone buy a BMW X6?

It doesn’t drive off-road, nor does it perform well on the road… It’s a joke of a car / suv / crossover, whatever the hell it is.
I think you guys are missing the point of what this car was intended to do, forget about trunk space… This thing was supposed to be able to drive off-road, fact is it won’t take you up most grassy hills… While on the road it should perform like a real BMW, fact is the ride is bumpy and the handling unpredictable…. bundle this whole package up with bad looks and you’ve got another BMW any fool with money will buy.

Administrator answers:

Crossovers are not designed to be driven off road. If you want a serious offload vehicle, you need to be looking at serious workhorses like a Land Rover, Range Rover or an army Humvee (NOT a Hummer). And BMWs are no different.

Many “purist” BMW enthusiasts felt BMW was making a mistake when they started making the X5, and now the X6. But sales have proven otherwise.

As for looks, it’s pretty subjective. Look at the PT Cruiser, sure, it’s a dog now. But a bunch of people loved it when it first launched.

Who would buy it? Someone who wants a unique looking BMW crossover.

Richard asks…

What suv should i get?

trying to decide on a new suv i want to trade my Cadillac cts in on it
the three i have in mind are
Cadillac Escalade
Porsche Cayenne GTS

X6 xDrive50i

Administrator answers:

Go with the Escalade

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