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June 29, 2013

Sharon asks…

When does the BMW 1 Series come out in the USA?

i know it is supposed to come out sometime this month (march) anyone know if that is still correct?

Administrator answers:

Yes, the spring of 08 according to this press release.


You may want to read this too. I found it very interesting. I get updates direct through BMW email. I’m saving my dollars for an M6, but I think the 1 series would be fun. I can’t wait to see what aftermarket parts come out for it.


You may want to sign up for updates. Here is the link.


Laura asks…

Does anyone know when the BMW VISLOVL is going to hit the market in the USA?

It IS a concept car, but they have already had showings of it in China, and many people even in America seem to love the car. I’m just wondering if anyone knows when it should be coming to market here in the United States. I would love to own that fine piece of work.

Administrator answers:

That so called “fine piece of work” is simply a “concept” from BMW. Its made to inspire design around their entire line-up to debut in the future. The characteristics you see in the BMW VISLOVL will be inspirations and influences of design for future vehicles to come, we might see them on the new 3 series, or future BMW’s to come. The VISLOVL already has some of its DNA character embodied into to the new 2011 BMW 6 series coupe/convertible which it managed to inherit. And hypothetically speaking if this ever came out into production it would cost well over $100,000. Its simply a concept car nothing more, in basic terms “an Idea”, and from that idea BMW makes new cars that revolve around that first concept.

Chris asks…

Is BMW going to put out the diesel 3-series in USA this year?

All the articles I read discussing it are 6-8 months old and do not seem to state for sure if the car comes out in ’08 or in the ’08 model year.

Administrator answers:

I’ve read that they are planning to offer the X5 and 5-series with diesels first, then gauge market acceptance before they expand diesel engines in their other US cars.

Cost-wise, diesel engines are much more expensive as an option than gas engines, so it would make more sense to test the market in a low-production, higher-priced segment, instead of the 3-series, where competition is aggressive and diesel demand is much less certain.

Another factor for BMW is the EPA certification costs for each model they plan to offer. For each year a diesel is offered, that cost has to be recouped during that year’s production run, so BMW marketing would need to do a good estimate of diesel sales by vehicle class in order to justify the certification expense. To add more complexity, California has its own diesel emission standards, which are more difficult than federal standards. Probably 25% of all new US BMWs are sold in California, so the company cannot afford to miss that market, or guess wrong, either.

Additionally, BMW would have to finance an inventory of replacement parts, and train its dealer service technicians in order to support the diesel lineup. These costs are not insignificant.

BMW is also working on a dual-mode hybrid gasoline engine and transmission, and they keep toying with a hydrogen-fueled 7 series. Each year, they have to pick which US models will get the various engine/transmission combinations and create the engineering, testing & certification, marketing and support plans and investments that meet the sales and profit targets for their US operations.

You should write to BMW North America and show them your interest, and maybe they will accelerate their plans.

Carol asks…

Is it possible to do an on-line search of new BMW’s in the SE USA myself or do I have to do it thru a dealer?

I just hate going to the dealer, but I want to know what’s on the lots in the southeast.

Administrator answers:

Well u can check the BMW USA website but u need to confirm with the dealer on the phone if its available or u can just order a special one if u have the cash for that

Lizzie asks…

How much is the BMW 6 Series Cabriolet 650i(A) in the USA?

I mean the average price of a brand new vehicle.

Administrator answers:

$86,125 is the base price for a 650i Cabriolet.

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