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August 5, 2013

Donna asks…

Is BMW going to sell a reasonably priced diesel like the 320d in the USA?

the 320d is a big hit in Europe, why don’t they sell it in the US?

Administrator answers:

I have been seeing the bmw diesel commercials so i assume it is either already here or on the way shortly…..the US has more stringent diesel requirements than europe (the US changed it a couple years ago), so only Mercedes had an approved diesel for the last couple years. My Dad had a MB diesel when i was a kid…you had to be somewhat aware of where you could get fuel, but I think there are more around now…

Jenny asks…

is it legal to own a BMW M3 GTR in the USA?

i know its not street legal…i just want to know if u can just own one

Administrator answers:

Sure. You may never have it in your garage, because customs will confiscate it until you can make it smog legal and it meets all US safety guidelines, but you would legally “own” it. Several people own cars this way. Bill Gates and Paul Allen both own a Porsche 959, that were held in customs for years. Because of this, they helped to pass the show and display law, which you might be able to use in your case. You just have to find one, buy it, apply for the permission to import, ship it over, and there you go. Otherwise, it will stay in customs until someone makes it street legal.
Good luck, BMW only built 10 models. Other companies modified M3s in the same manner, but the factory only made 10.

Laura asks…

Did BMW make the 2006-2007 550i M sport available in the USA?

I know for sure the 2008-2010 M sports are in the USA, but I am wondering if the 2006-2007 are as well? I’ve found the 06-07′s in the UK, with the wheel on the right side, but I’m trying to figure out if there are any in the states? Please help!

Administrator answers:

Bmw don’t make the 5series in america. So it would most likly be from eruope. Probly germany

William asks…

Where can I buy clear tail light lenses for my BMW R1100 rt motorcycle?

I tried: Clear Alternatives (USA)
Wunderlicht (Germany)
ASMotorcycles (USA)
Sierra BMW (USA)
But they do not have the rear one – only the front. Please give me the name of a place that I have not mentioned.

Administrator answers:

Right here
….you didnt list the year, but they probably have one for your bike.

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