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Your Questions About Bmw X1

April 12, 2012

Donna asks…

BMW X1 or Citroën C4 Picasso?

This summer, I am going on holiday to visit family in Austria. I need a rental car that can fit 4 people. Should I get the BMW X1 or Citroën C4 Picasso? I think the BMW may be the better option.

Administrator answers:

If price isn’t any issue than go for BMW if it is then Citroën C4 Picasso is the better option as my fellow friend has mentioned. You can hire from as it is one of the best car rental company that I prefer personally. You may look in here and hire car if the price and cars suit you.

David asks…

Fully loaded Honda CRV or BMW X1 sDrive18i?

which should i get
A fully loaded 5speed CRV 2.4 engine for $32,000 103 in. Wheelbase FWD
Or a 2.0 BMW X1 6speed for $34,600 108 in. wheelbase RWD

Administrator answers:

Over and over and over moronic people try to compare a fine quality piece of German engineering with Jap-crap.

The only benefit to the CRV will be the AWD, however I have a 525I RWD with traction control (ASC) and stud-less winter tires and I get around better then any FWD adn most AWD cars.

That said, go with the Bimmer, in all reality Honda’s cost more for repairs the BMW, maintenance is about the same. But the quality of a BMW is far better.

Thomas asks…


hey im thinking of buying the basic model of bmw x1 which does not come with the idrive system can i buy it seperately or is there any alternate in-dash entertainment system that will look neat and is it also possible to install a panaromic sunroof or a normal sunroof in india

Administrator answers:

I will repeat exactly what a BMW parts manager said to me. “if a BMW doesn’t come with an option, you are better off buying a new car”. The whole car would have to be rewired and dash and console replaced or altered! I would buy it with the iDrive

Mary asks…

Which one is the best SUV Car in India. BMW X1, toyota fortuner , Hyunda santa fe Honda CRV or AUDI Q7?

last june 2011 i purchased BMW X1 Sdrive 20d. after my purchase many peoples told me its wrong choice of SUV. most of the people told me there is lot of better option available in the market better than BMW x1..
but after 4 months of ownership of my BMW x1 i want say..the ca is solid. fuel economy is best (14-15 km/pl city driving 18-19 km/pl in highway driving) i think its best in his segment. the other view is space. so i want to say. most of the timing we travel only 1 or 2 persons then why i have to go for 7-8 seats…and the most important is the size..4.5 mtr length..easy to ride in city…why i have to choose 5 mtr long SUV…& the last one is brand BMW the maintenance cost..there is BMW secure plans no need to pay anything for 5 yrs..all is cover under the BMW service plans so no need to worry.

Administrator answers:

What you say is your say but if i have to chose I would go with history and that is toyota and honda.

Lizzie asks…

How is the easiest way to import a BMW car, made in Germany from Mexico?

Hello. The BMW X1 model wont be in the US market untill late 2012. I would like to import one from Mexico and would like to know what kind of customs agent can help me with the paperwork. The intention is to leave permanently the car in the US.

Many thanks indeed

Administrator answers:

Until that stove gets the go ahead they wont let it in/waste of time/the last time this worked was 1949

Ruth asks…

i just lost my new civic to a theft. heart says buy a bmw x1. mind says wagon r ? confused ?

money is not an issue. my mom says people will be jealous,, we do not need an expensive car. i feel i will let myself down if i buy a cheaper car than civic.

Administrator answers:

You don’t need a BMW, jealousy of others notwithstanding.
If you *earned* the money for the upgrade, that’s one thing, but mommy and daddy handing you a luxury car teaches you nothing but Theft is Good.
Hondas rule and are not inexpensive cars, just get a replacement.

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