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Your Questions About Bmw X1

April 13, 2012

Ken asks…

Can you use launch control in automatic BMW X1?

Administrator answers:

The only BMW cars that are equipped with launch control are cars that are also equipped with DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission). Any M car, except for the 1M can be equipped with a DCT, and a handful of other cars such as the 135i, 335i, and Z4, can also be equipped with a DCT. However the X1 does not have launch control.

Steven asks…

which car is a chick magnet a mercedes c300 or a bmw x1 or audi tt?


Administrator answers:

If you’re not a chick magnet (yourself) a car isn’t going to do anything for you. People forget the Audi TT was a vw new bug who’s mold got sat on by a drunk dude. These are all very feminine cars so you’ll only attract one type of chick…the kind that enjoys the feel of shag carpet.

…spotted white owl has his own opinion…

Sharon asks…

I have quite alot of choices that I must choose between the SLK 350 or Audi TT or BMW X1 or Mercedes C 300 amg?

or a BMW 330i

Administrator answers:

People its a c300 with an AMG package! ( Im assuming)
It really depends on your life style. If its a car just for you, then go for the SLK350( If it is the facelifted model)
Don’t go for the X1! The Audi TT will be great if it has LOTS of optional extras added! C300 doesn’t have such a great interior( FULL of plastics), but it does look great.
In the end it is your personal choice! It is what you like, not what we or anybody else likes. Go for a reliable brand like Mercedes.
Hope you make the right choice.

David asks…

BMW X1 or 320i coupe?

which one should i choose?
Is the X1 really that different from te 320i?
I’d like my car to be little less stiff on the road

Administrator answers:

Very different cars.
Do you need space? Will you ever have more than 2 people? If so X1
the x1 would be less stiff than a 320 coupe. The coupes are stiffer and sportier.
The 3 series will probably hold its value better.
You should take both for a test drive before buying.

Maria asks…

im stuck between buying mercedes c300 amg or a BMW X1?

help fast

Administrator answers:

I feel sorry for you. Clearly you have no taste.

The X1 is a truly pointless motor car. It’s basically a jacked up 3-series wagon (E90) with worse road holding abilities. It isn’t a proper four wheel drive and doesn’t have the ground clearance to go anywhere useful. In fact the owner’s manual advises not to take it off road.
What’s the bloody point then?

Also, there is no such thing as a C300 AMG. The current AMG model in the C-Class range is the C63 AMG. Besides which, the 3L V6 in the current C-Class W204, is actually a bit asthmatic for the money you pay.


So really you have asked about a car which is pointless and one which does not exist and which the nearest equivalent is poor anyway.
Well done.

Ruth asks…

What is the title of the song in the below BMW X1 ad?

Administrator answers:

Your link = fail

Lizzie asks…

Should I buy a BMW X1 now or wait for the 3 series 2012?

I want to change my car. I like the fact that the X1 is a SUV (even if it’s compact) because it will handle better the streets of where I live. I love how it looks and it’s very fuel efficient, and I can get it now-with leather seats and bi-xenon lights. But the 3 series 2012 just looks awesom! And it has standard iDrive which is kind of important for me (the x1 just has a storage compartment instead of the LCD screen).. but i’ll have to wait at least 6 months for it! The price is similar.. What you think I should do? Is the 2012 3 series worth the wait?
SKODA SUPERB? I’m an executive and I can’t be using a skoda, that’s just ridiculous. I need a luxury car of a prestigious brand for my image.

Administrator answers:

Seriously ?
You wanna buy bmw x1 ?? Haven’t you heard the reviews ?
It doesn’t even qualify to be called a SUV.
It’s height is so low. It has been named a ‘compact SUV’. It fails as an off road car (which is a must for a good SUV). It has low mileage. And ofcourse it fails as an on road car because the specifications have not been designed so. It has gained a lot of criticism. It has very less features in the cockpit. Also the suspension is very weak. The suspension alone requires a lot of maintenance. It’s really a waste of money.
In stead I advice you the skoda superb. The features are amazing and the suspension is very strong. The body is amazingly strong. The price is about the same. I suggest you to go and just have a look at it. I’m sure you’ll be impressed. It offers the features that are available in bmw 7 series and mercedes-benz e class. But it’s price is about the range of bmw 3 series and mercedes-benz c class.

Sandra asks…

Guys is it true that some BMW cars have false pedal shifts?

some bmw model cars like bmw x6 and bmw x1( only x6 50i and X6M have real pedal shifts) . theese cars have somthing like a pedal shift but like with no ”up ore + ore – down sine” , and the gye of top gear when he drove the x6 he said that thoose didnt work.

Administrator answers:

I doubt a car manufacture would waste money in fake paddle shifters. He said they didnt work because they probably didnt change gear how he wanted. Paddle shifters with automatic transmissions are electronically controlled, so its not that they are fake or didnt work they just didnt work well.

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