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Your Questions About Bmw X1

April 15, 2012

Sandy asks…

Your pick – Audi Q3 or BMW X1?

I am considering the two of these cars.
Please explain your choice. My main priorities are safety, comfort, practicality and efficiency.

My heart is generally set on the Q3 – I love its space and interior, and I don’t mind its looks.
Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Audi Q3 because I would!!!!!!!
They have really bright dotted lights!!!!!!!!
And very comfortable I must say!

Joseph asks…

Music in the BMW X1 advert?

Anyone know? Thanks in advance :)

Administrator answers:

Zdarlight by Digitalism?..
Pretty sure thats the one thats on the most recent bmw ad.

Maria asks…

which is better Audi Q5,Q7 or BMW X1,X3,X5,X6?

Administrator answers:

All of these cars are in different segment.

Q5 and X3 are in same range. Q7 and X5 are in same. X6 is a cross over SUV- it depends if you like the look of it. Personally, I dont. I hate the swooping roof of the X6. I am 6’2, and why the hell should I compromise with head room in a SUV?

X1 is a little SUV fit for gay couples.

If you are buying a SUV, it better be big. So, I’d be choosing between Q7 and X5 (the rest are small SUV’s). And personally I think the X5 looks ugly. I hate the BMW sat nav. The gear stick is so idiotic (in the automatic, the positions of R, P and D are not to my liking.)

The Q7 looks smart, sexy and mean. Love the head lamps.

But, I’d seriously say, why on earth do you need a SUV? I mean, are you a mom with a bunch of kids? Then, please get a minivan. It’s much safer.

If you’re a guy, well then , you should probably consider the M5 or even M6 (if you have good weather). Or else, if you really wanna drive a SUV..why not the Yukon Denali? I mean, if I were you, I’d buy a Yukon, black with 24” wheels. (Because with BMW/Audi SUV you really dont get a lot of towing capacity , to tow your boat, or whatever)

Betty asks…

Audi Q3 or the BMW X1?

Hi guys,

Which do you think is better between the two?

I am not really knowledgable on all of the car terms but basically I need something that I can drive around the city, drive interstate and long distances and also drive out to a farm although it is mainly on sealed roads.

Basically what I like is something that is very comfortable, has a lot of power to speed up quickly and not a lot of outside noise and of course safe. Other than that I don’t really mind I’m not really a fan of useless features.

So with that in mind which one should I pick.

Also, which color do you like best?


Administrator answers:

The Audi is going to have a more polished feel to it, and will probably give you a bit more for the buck (though it will be a little more expensive in the end up front). The Audi will feel more comfortable and offer a few more tech toys than the BMW, and the maintenance “MAY” be a little lower, as VW/Audi parts tend to be a bit cheaper than BMW parts.

The BMW is going to feel more sporty and balanced…it will offer a more satisfying driving experience (as most BMW’s do), but it will not feel any where near as comfortable as BMW’s typically have harder suspension components than Audi’s, since they are geared more towards the driving experience than the luxury side of things.

Neither of these options will have “a lot” of power, but they are perfectly capable of getting out of their own way when it comes to performance (neither are too much of a slouch).

Both will be fine road trip vehicles, and both of them are easily capable of driving on less than perfect terrain (but i wouldn’t push it, neither of them are off road vehicles).

Im partial to the BMW because i like a car that i can feel…Audi’s always feel numb to me, and i like a little feedback when driving any kind of car. That said, either of them would be a good choice.

Mandy asks…

Which BMW is bigger internally and externally, 520d SE (year: 2003) or X1?

Confused about the size comparison. Checked the BMW website but no help. Many thanks.

Administrator answers:

5 series

William asks…

What would you buy? Loaded Honda or Basic BMW, if costs about the same.?

Would you buy a fully equipped Honda/Toyota with navigation, leather and everything….. or would you spend the money on a really basic Mercedes/BMW? For example, Mercedes GLK and the upcoming BMW X1 both SUVs start below 35,000. A fully equipped Honda CR-V costs about 30,000. Besides more powerful engines, what are the pros and cons choosing an european make over a japanese make? Thanks for answering !

Administrator answers:

I own a late model BMW 760 and am happy with it. However, I would recommend you look at the Honda from a different perspective than japanese vs german car. You can always have a navigation system installed by Bestbuy for $250 or so. I also suggest you test drive both cars for at least 10 miles. My girlfriend has the 2006 stripped down model 325i. She loves it. Cost was $33000 in 2006. I would also suggest you look at buying a one or two year old, low mileage certified BMW. It will have full car warranty including oil changes and all maintence for up nto 6 years. BMW finance also has excellent interest rates on used cars.

New or Used Certified BMW Pro’s :
you don’t pay for any routine maintence up to 4 years from new date.
You can purchase an additional warranty package for a total of 6 years or 100,000 miles.
The car drives like a race car
Plenty of engine power.
Seats much more comfortable
Quiet ride and excellent handling on curvy road
Better made solid car
Engine uses synthetic oil which doubles or triples the life of engine
BMW offers a synthetic leather for seats which smells, looks and wears just like leather
electric moon roof is standard on car.
You feel good driving a BMW

when warranty expires the repair cost are more expensive
You must to use premium gas instead of regular gas

Mary asks…

what do the numbers of the BMW cars mean like you know the?

750Li, 750i, 550i, 135i, 328i, 528i. 528xi ,M3, M5, M6, X1 etc. its not the size of the engine obviously,or CC size displacement then what do all those different letter & number symbols mean for the BMW vehicles?

Administrator answers:

The first # is the series model. The 7 series, the 5 series and the 3 series, for example. The 3 series are generally smaller, lighter, 5 series, the mid sized and the 7 series a bit longer and bigger.

The 50 as in 750 or the 28 as in 328 refer “roughly” to the engine size. In other words, it’s “roughly” a 5.0 litre engine, but it may be 4.8L, for example. For instance the 740i was a bit less at 3,982 cc, but it’s right there… A 735i/L is roughly 3,430 cc.

The M usually refers to specially tuned “sport” type editions, while the x (at the end) usually refers to special suspension as in for snow. The L at the end refers to a “longer” wheel base that typical “i” models, usually just a few inches. You may also run across a “d” at the end referring to diesel versions.

Their Z series are the tiny, sporty roadsters which are about the size of a Mazda Miata, in my judgment.

The X series if I remember correctly is their SUV series which was mounted on their 5 series frames/dimensions. So imagine a beefy 5 series under the hood.

There is a nice writeup on wikipedia below:

Mark asks…

What are people actually paying for their BMW X3?

I heard they are selling for rather cheap because they are being replaced by the X1 soon. What I am wondering is just HOW cheap because this is a pretty expensive car in the first place.

Administrator answers:

The X3 is a really poor off roader, and for its price just isn’t worth it. Depending on how many miles its done they can range from £19,000 to £22,000. The build quality pretty bad and its the ugliest 4×4 I’ve ever seen. It has a really high fuel consumption and I know of people that have had various engine problems. Yes the X3′s price will decline once the X1 is out but I’d stay away from both. The X5 is much nicer looking and has far fewer problems.

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