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Your Questions About Bmw X1

April 15, 2012

Joseph asks…

mercedes bmw audi question?

Why do Bmw and Mercedes make so many different size engine’s . the e46 3 series has 8 petrol including the m3 , and 9 diesel td cd d and xd similar story for the Mercedes.
Either you have 318/200 money M3/Amg money or want a diesel for economy
i could accept it if they had one slightly higher like 330 or 500 because not everybody wants some stiff loud wide body big wheel car but all the rest come on

And also why do the make so many shapes/models like the Audi a5 4door then a7 four door.
c class coupe e class coupe is there really a need ? I say not really i get the cl and one of the other two.
and the last thing is the x1 x3 x5 x6 in my opinion the x1 and x6 are two of the worst cars ever conceived

Only idiots go and buy the x1 x6 a7 so what market is this trying to appeal to ?

Administrator answers:

Well first off in europe they have a lot of policies on pollution. They can make cleaner diesel and thats why bmw audi mercedes and others make diesel engine cars. As for different models all companies have various models for different engines. Look at hyundia’s elantra, it has 4 different types of models, diesel, hybrid, sport, and sedan. Companies now a days want to reach out to more people which means diversity in their models. X1 and so on are different types of bmw SUV, I dont see a problem with that. Audi has a lot of models which I agree with. They have their A line up, which is the basic Audi and the S line up which is their sport. Like I said they try to reach people who can afford a $40.000.00 car and people who can afford the sport $60.000.00 to $80.000.00 cars.

Lizzie asks…

What car should I buy?

I am thinking of buying a luxury Car under $50,000 AUD, I am thinking on the lines of BMW and AUDI etc. Would The BMW X1 be good a luxury Car under $50,000?

Administrator answers:

I would go with Audi every single time, hands down, no questions asked. Over the years my father has owned quite a few of each of these makes, including a BMW 330i, BMW 535i, Audi A6, and an Audi S4 cabriolet. From experience, the BMW break down far more often than the Audi.

His 2008 535i was brand new right out of the factory and he had so many problems within the the first two years he was glad to give it back at the end of its lease. All I can say about that one is I’m glad the warranty was on it still.

The 330i was a few years old when he got it and it blew a cylinder when he was on the highway, not to mention other problems dealing with the engine such as oil leaks, etc.

On the other hand, his A6 was a few years old and never once had to go to the shop for a problem. He had it until it reached 100K at which point it was wrecked in a head on collision at 55mph because a woman slipped into a seizure and hit my mother. The police and doctors said that if she wasn’t driving that car she would have been killed instead of just brain injured from the high speed wreck, (her other car was a mazda at the time).

The s4 cabriolet was I believe the best car my father has ever owned, period. It had power, speed, plenty of room, and class. He bought it a year old in 2006 and even though it was under warranty the whole time he owned it, it never gave him a single problem. He only got a new top as a favor from the dealership owner right before it went out of warranty. Personally, this is the car I plan to buy once I’m out of law school. (save $3000 and put a milltek exhaust on it, its worth every penny).

Overall, Audi is the way to go as far as reliability, safety, and experience go. They were smoother to driver and had must better handling than the BMWs when I drove them. They also don’t depreciate as fast as a BMW. Depending on where you live and the style you want, I would say get an A4 or A6 if you just want a simple sedan. Although if you’re like my father an I and like sports cars, get an S4 or S5, they are the best!

Either way, make sure you get one that is about a year or two old; still under warranty with low mileage, but the most updated model.

Hope you enjoy!

Jenny asks…

Which is your favourite BMW of all? and now? mine are M3 and a X6 M?

I also like the M6, 750LI Hanmann, M5, X5,
hate Z4, X3, X1, 3 series

Administrator answers:

I’ve had 4 BMWs (still have 2 of them).

While I really liked my E36 M3 (1997) and I like the E46 M3 (~2002-4), my all time favorite is my E39 M5 (2000-2003). The torque of the V8 is intoxicating and it has just the right amount of creature comforts in the cabin without going overboard (no I-Drive for me!).

Michael asks…

What Are The New Car Models Of 2009?

I need to write a newspaper article for my school newspaper about any new cars coming out this year,… I know that there’s going to be a Infinity convertible coming out, as well as a new BMW X1 (I think). I googled everything that came to mind but what I need is a good source of new cars for this year,… like yahoo had a article which stated atleast 5 different new cars,… but I can’t find any. Can anyone please give me a link to a good source? Thanks-you.
I mean like “NEW!” Completely new models,… not redisigned,…

Administrator answers:


Try the Detroit International Auto Show site above……

Lots of info…..

Coming soon to a city near you as well….

Hope this helps…

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