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April 12, 2012

Donald asks…

Where Is BMW X1 Manufactured?

My Family is considering buying a BMW X1 sDrive18i or a Volkswagon Tiguan ( haven’t decided which Model) So far with some research i have come to this.
1.BMW is more expensive.
2.Volkswagon is wider but BMW is longer
3. Volkswagon is made in Germany

My question is . Where is BMW X1 made in? My family prefers it to be made ina Europian Country rather than China, this is the determining factor. And if it helps we live in Australia.

Administrator answers:

For the moment, they’re produced in Leipzig. Soon they’ll be produced in Spartanburg.

Mary asks…

can i get a fiat,alfa romeao,koeningsegg,bmw x1 or bmw z1,a spyker,and a honda type r in america?

I just want to know if i can get some cars that are hard to get in america.

Administrator answers:

The BMW X1 is comming. I believe it is comming this spring. Within a couple years, there should be Fiats badged as Chrysler and Dodge cars because of the new business agreement. I know the Fiat 500 is coming. I don’t know when though and it will be badged as a Chrysler.

Betty asks…

When does the BMW X1 go on sale?

thanks. does anyone have an estimate for how much it’ll cost?

Administrator answers:

Seriously! That car looks amazing. My favorite Luxury compact SUV in this devision is currently the Infiniti EX35 but as soon as the BMW X1 hits the roads the heck with the Infiniti EX, although Infiniti still in my opinion in some areas is way better then BMW I would still take the X1 over the EX anyday. I wouldnt conform myself to buying such a small SUV but its very nice, Im hoping it will replace the BMW X3 cause that thing is UGLY. I heard the X1 would be called the X3 here in the US but I dont think that peice of Information is accurate. I believe the BMW X1 will begin sales in the US starting at the begining of 2011, if not then it will be a 2011 model being sold at the ending months of 2010. Sources expect the X1 to reach U.S. Dealers in calendar 2011

EDIT: The Pricing of the X1 is expected to undercut the already labled compact SUV’s such as the X3 by a couple thousand with a sticker price of $38,850 for the X3. and Roadfly magazine expect the MSRP of the X1 to price at a National Base Price (excludes destination charge) $33,500 for the entry class X1

BMW X1- $33,500 USD

James asks…

Bmw x1 or Honda CRV 2010. Which model is taller and bigger?

I’ve never seen a BMW x1 yet, but my family owns a 2009 model crv so i would have an idea how big and tall it is, and i was just wondering if the Bmw x1 is taller and bigger.


Administrator answers:

Length: 4457 mm
Width: 1789 mm
Height: 1535 mm

Length: 4554 mm
Width: 1819 mm
Height: 1679mm

So as you can see. The difference is small. CRV 2010 is taller and wider.

Steven asks…

do you think the BMW X1 will be a hit in the US?

how many units do you predict will be sold?

Administrator answers:

Probably not, Americans like big and powerful vehicles. The X1 will be the base model series of SAV’s BMW offers, Americans are most likely to choose the 4.0+ liter X5 then the X1.

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