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Your Questions About Bmw X3 Tuning

July 26, 2012

Robert asks…

What are the maintenance costs for the Lexus RX350 vs. Porsche Cayenne?

We’re looking at getting a used SUV, and we’re looking at are the Lexus RX350, and the Porsche Cayenne. We’re looking at the 2006 model of the Cayenne, and the 2007 Lexus, with about 10-30k miles. How much is maintenance (especially the 50k and 100k mile tune-ups) on these two vehicles? And are there any other vehicles like the BMW X3 you would recommend more? Thanks.

Also, are there any other SUVs (like the BMW X3 or X5) that are cheaper to maintain?

Administrator answers:

Just a quick recommendation.
German cars are expensive to repair and require a lot of mainteance.

Japanese cars require far less scheduled maintenance. Anyone who can fix a Toyota can work on a Lexus.

Two exceptions…
BMW pays for the first 4 years of scheduled maintenance.
Subaru requires spark plug and coolant changes every 30 months, compared to every 120 months for Toyotas and Hondas. As a Subaru owner, I have asked Subaru why and have received no acceptable explanation.

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