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March 5, 2013

Mark asks…

Please can any one expalin how I can locate the engine number of a BMW X5 3.0 TURBO DIESEL ENGINE?

In some countries to register a car they need the Chasiss N. (frame) , and the Engine N. I need to know where to look to find the number on the turbo diesel engine of the BMW X5 3.0?
Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

The number of all engines is always located and engraved on the engine block. Either it’s on the left side or the right side of the engine assuming that you are facing the fan belts.

Donald asks…

What do ABS and Brake and DSC lights on mean on BMW X5?

I have a 2001 BMW X5 and on the dashboard the ABS, Brake, and DSC lights are always on. They will not turn off. What does this mean? Is there a problem with my car? If there is a problem how can I fix it?

Administrator answers:

Go to the dealer and get it checked out. These lights come on when you are driving aggressively. The same thing has happened to a friend of mine Especially for the DSC ( Dynamic Stability Control ) this controls the handling of your car like a traction control.

Donna asks…

Can anyone tell me where the starter is on a 2001 BMW X5 4.4i V8 Petrol Automatic?

I have a 2001 BMW X5 4.4i V8 Petrol Automatic, and need to remove/check my starter and solenoid. Can anyone tell me where in the engine/car it is? I think it’s in a different place to the 3 ltr etc
Much more specific than that please. Where is the starter located, not – which part is the starter next to!

Administrator answers:

Top right corner? Giant switch i will check and confirm tomorrow morning

Michael asks…

what is the best aftermarket in dash navigation for BMW x5?

I have non navigation,non DSP,non Bluetooth BMW x5 3.0i 2002. I want to get in dash navigation for it,which plays MP3 files and still supports steering wheel controls and has bluetooth connectivity and ofcourse GPS itself :-) Any suggestions? (I want it look as close as possible to stock,but have much more options,and to have touchscreen and have very bright colorful screen).

Administrator answers:

Ok what can I tell you. I have BMW x5 4.4 2002 so I know what I am talking about. First broblem you are going to have is doble din dash kit some person is selling it for $470 each on ebay. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can find doble dash kit cheaper I would say between $150-$250 but still it is going to look bad. I changed my speakers through out my car put couple of subwoofers and install two head rest dvds. Trust me is it gooooooood. Good Luck.

James asks…

Do you know how can i find a decent video review of BMW X5?

I am changing my car into a SUV and i want to buy a BMW X5, but i cannot find a decent video review or user comments about this car.Thank you for your time.

Administrator answers: has a nice video review of the X5, the exact link is below.


Maria asks…

What Would Be the Best Subwoofer Setup for a 2007 BMW X5?

What Would Be the Best Subwoofer Setup for a 2007 BMW X5? Im new to this type of stuff and just wanted to know what you guys think would be the best setup for the least amount of money.

Administrator answers:

It really depends on what type of music you like but…


for all types (clean, accurate bass)

(loud drawn out bass, rap/hiphop oriented)

John asks…

Is their a button to lower the vehicle bmw x5?

Everytime i drive my bmw x5 2011 i feel like for such an expensive car i feel the holes i go through i shouldnt be feeling them i told someone about this and they mentioned that there was a button in the car that could lower the car and when the car lowers i wouldnt feel the holes as much. If this is true where is that button located?

Administrator answers:

No. Only the Audi Q7 has that feature. And it only lowers the back end so that you can lift something heavy into the trunk.

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