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Your Questions About Bmw X5

April 5, 2013

Steven asks…

Can I buy the front hood of a 2011 BMW x5?

My mom bought a new 2011 BMW x5 a few months ago and she loves it like her most prized possession, like she literally loves it. but yesterday she drove to a crummy area and someone smashed dents in the front when she was gone. I feel so bad omg; is it possible to buy just the front hood thingy? Because otherwise I’m planning on replacing it with a new one somehow 3: and no rude comments please, Im still in school so it’s not like it’s easy money.

Administrator answers:

The hood is about 990 dollars list price- PLUS paint PLUS installation. Best bet would be to take the X to a GOOD body shop for an estimate. Find out what body shop the high end dealer (ferrari, bentley, rolls royce, aston martin etc) in your area uses- take it there for an estimate. Avoid the corner body shop- most of them use cut rate materials and provide a cut rate finish. Get a warranty on the work. ANY good body shop WILL warranty the repair.

Sharon asks…

What is the correct tire pressure for BMW x5 3.0i 2002 with stock 17 inch tires?

I have BMW x5 3.0i 2002 with non sport pakcge stock rims 17inch with 235/65/r17 tires on it. I need to knwo what is the correct tire pressure to ride comfortably?

Administrator answers:

If you open the car door, there is a label on the pillar near the lock that shows min and max pressure for your tyres, the lower the pressure, the lower the mpg but the better comfort..

Carol asks…

What is the width of a BMW X5 2000-2006 with the mirrors folded?

Im considering getting a BMW X5 2002 model but im unsure if it will fit in my garage!! All the specs given on the internet are those without mirrors and with mirrors but cant seem to find any dimensions of the width with the mirrors in the folded position. Wondered if anyone could help with this?!

Administrator answers:

If it is that tight with the mirrors out then it will be too big for the garage.

Charles asks…

how often do i need to change oil in a 2001 bmw x5?

I am thinking about buying a 2001 x5 bmw, i hear that it costs 200 for an oil change. if so how many miles can i go on that?

i am used to paying 40 for my 05 explorer to go 3,000 miles i would like to get a comparison on the 2.

Administrator answers:

For your BMW X5, you should change your oil when told by the display on your dashboard or approximately every 10,000 miles.

Its a BMW not a Ford.

Ruth asks…

Is this Upgrade for my 2001 bmw x5 possible?

I would like to upgrade my 2001 bmw x5 with the third row seating (which has only been offered in the later models). Is this possible and about how much would it cost to do this?

Administrator answers:


Joseph asks…

What Fog Light bulb do I need for my BMW x5?

I have a 2001 BMW x5. My passenger side fog light is out. What bulb do I get to replace it?

Administrator answers:

Well your going to replace it so take the old one out go to the store and get a new one just like it. There are numbers you can use on the old one to get the right new one.

William asks…

DSP in BMW X5 ? Any difference with out DSP premium audio?

I am planning to buy BMW x5 3.0 2002,but it doesn’t have DSP in it,so just stock speakers. Is there any difference in loudness and quality of stereo with DSP and with out? Thanks for helping out.

Administrator answers:

Huge difference in sound. Many other sound options including reverb and sound efects, graphic equalizer, along with higher watt output. Well worth the price if you’re inot music. If you’re an AM talk radion kind of person you don;t need it.

Lisa asks…

What does a 2001 BMW x5 DRIVETRAIN transfer case look like?

What does a 2001 BMW x5 DRIVETRAIN transfer case look like?

Administrator answers:

Like this. Http://

I assumed you have the 3.0L, you didn’t specify.

Mandy asks…

Question: is the BMW X5 a front wheel drive or is it a back wheel?

Question Is the BMW X5 A back wheel Drive or is it a front wheel drive

Administrator answers:

BMW does not make fwd cars. Most BMWs are rwd except for the all wheel drive cars labeled “xi” in the back.

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