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Your Questions About Bmw X5

July 12, 2013

Maria asks…

Are Canadian more buyers reluctant to buy a used car with a mph/kmph (but the km is smaller), than a reg. kmph?

I have a 2006 BMW X5 that I want to sell. It was imported from Florida and is now in Toronto, Canada. The speedometer on it is a cross mph and kmph gauge but the kmph is much smaller. My question is, will the resale value go down, and will buyers be more reluctant to buy it for this reason?

Administrator answers:

I don’t think so. If it does read the metric (km/hr) at all, it’s probably good.

William asks…

What car would you get a 18 year old?

So I’m several months away from getting my license (I’m in Spain so we get it at 18), what car would you recommend me? Keep in mind it will be my first car and I’m from Europe, so no 68 mustangs and things like that please :D .. And if I had to choose, Evo XII/XIII, Impreza wrx sti or bmw x5?

Administrator answers:

Ford Fusion, Ford lasts the longest.

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