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Your Questions About Bmw X5

August 3, 2013

Lizzie asks…

my dad has a bmw x5 2008, and a bmw series 7, he bought me a toyota hilux which sucks i need a way to modify?

i need a way to modify the bmw so that they spend less gasoline, because he doesnt want to give me the bmws because of the gas spent, is there a way to modify the engine so that it would spend a lot less gasoline?

Administrator answers:

Get a job and buy your own car, if you are so fussy.

Donna asks…

what kind of transmission fluid i must get for 2000 bmw x5 4.4 and how mach?

2000 bmw x5 4.4 transmission fluid

Administrator answers:

Go to your BMW manuel that is probably in your glove box and go to the index and look up fluids and capacities and it will tell you. If you don’t have a manuel call a BMW dealer and they will tell you what use. Also any automotive parts house will know.

Chris asks…

Questions about my BMW sports vehicle?

I have a BMW X5 Make -2003.

I just changes my mom’s BMW‘s engine oil and found yellow goo or sludge type thing on the cap and around the nozzle. is that natural for it build up and do i have to have it checked out?
Well what happened was that the engine oil was very low so i added the premium BMW oil that they recommend.

Administrator answers:

Sounds like you might have water in the oil, I’d get it checked.

David asks…

Where can I find a dvd adapter or player for the in-dash screen on my 2008 BMW X5, 4.8L?

I have the in-dash screen for my X5, but I want to play DVDs on it. To do that I need some sort of adapter or special player. Where can I get it? Online or preferably around Washington DC. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

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