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Your Questions About Bmw X5

August 15, 2013

William asks…

I have BMW X5 2001 the abs light is on?

I have BMW X5 2001 the abs light is on
i try to disconnect the battery and reconnected the light is steel on
anybody know what could be the problem ?

Administrator answers:

Try disconnecting the battery OVERNIGHT (if you havent already). If that doesn’t work you’ll have to get the codes pulled from the computer to find the real answer.

Ken asks…

Where is my amp located in my 2005 BMW X5?

I have a factory BMW Business CD. Consists of a radio head unit and just of above it a single CD player unit.
I don’t see an amp in the back trunk.
Could it be an integrated radio/amp all in one?

Administrator answers:

If you have one then it is at the left side of the trunk hidden behind the
left side cover very near the left rear lights.

Lizzie asks…

Can you convince me into liking my car?

I just got a bmw x5 4.4i and would rather have an 07-09 civic. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but I just don’t have a thing for big cars. Because I’m not getting a new car can you guys help me into appreciating and liking my car more. Thanks

Administrator answers:

You cant do this in a civic :D

Betty asks…

Do you think BMW X5′s have way to stiff suspension?

I hate how uncomfortable the ride id in my X5, do you like the ridein yours. In your opinion is is a good car for bumpy roads?

Administrator answers:

It can be really stiff but you can get it tuned

Mary asks…

2001 BMW X5 for a 2004 Subaru WRX should i worry?

I have a 2001 BMW X5 i have been trying to sell with a extreme custom sound system, but i had a guy call me from Queens NY about an even trade for a 2004 Subaru WRX, STi swap. The car is beautiful, but i am worried something might be wrong with it and he is trying to hide it. What should i do?

Administrator answers:

You should get him to make you a receipt so that he will be responsible if anything goes wrong withing the first month or so, if he doesn’t agree it means something is wrong. Test drive it make sure the car is good in all the gears & at high speed (some cars have problems with the turbo), if you are convinced that nothing is wrong you should go for the swap.

Steven asks…

Cost of BMW X5 2003 parts and labor?

Is a 2003 BMW X5 parts pricey? Do the BMW dealers charge a lot per-hour to work on the X5‘s?

Administrator answers:

I have a 2002 X5 4.4i. Expect to pay $100-$120/hour at the dealer or $80/hour at an independent shop. All parts will be marked up a minimum of 100%. So that water pump they sell you at $450 is only costing them $225.

Richard asks…

Want to get a bmw or two at a real discount any ideas to do this thinking outside the box also?

Ideally I would like to lease a bmw 3 series convertible and x5 bmw sav for a total of 1000 a month. I saw the lease specials for each which total more but wondering in this tough economic times will bmw offer any type of deal or anything. Any options are appreciated.

Administrator answers:

And those lease specials didn’t include taxes & tags I suspect. Add another few hundred to the payment.
Why don’t you go in and ask straight out? Save everyone time. Tough times or not, they only have so much room to negotiate. You can get a good deal but you’re not gonna get a steal.
If they say they can, check the contract very closely. You could be in for a rude awakening at the end of the lease term.

Sharon asks…

BMW X5 4.4i Drivers! How many MPG do you get?

Just wondering on Average, How many Miles Per Gallon you get driving your BMW X5 4.4i. Please include year and location of where you live and if you drive majority Highway or City…Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I get 24 out of mine, i use it when i go to do the horses, cross country

Michael asks…

Is it OK if I put too much coolant?

I just filled up my BMW X5 with 50/50 coolant and water mix but the red plunger popped up saying it was max filled. I think I filled it too much. Is that OK?

Administrator answers:

I would run it until warm and then let it cool off. Check the overflow bottle again. If it is totally filled with coolant, I would siphon a small amount off. It won’t hurt anything to be too full.

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