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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

February 3, 2013

Betty asks…

What does the liter in an engine mean?

I have a 7.8L engine in a BMW X5 and I just wanted to know if that affects how much horsepower or the kind of V(6/8) engine it has..?

Administrator answers:

The litre is the displacement. How much volume is moved in each stroke of the piston. A 7.8L is a big engine with power. You have basically twice the power and half the gas milage of my toyota 4.0L V6. Not taking into account fly wheels and gearing.

Lizzie asks…

How do I adjust the headlights on my BMW x5, 2005?

I am having a hard time adjusting to the headlights in my newly purchased BMW. I beleive they need to be adjusted, the lights needs to shine up the road a bit more. It seems like they are shinning down on the road right in front of me. THey don’t shine evenly, the right one shines ahead of the left. Is this normal? What should I do?

Administrator answers:

There is a knob on dashboard to adjust them but for what you have stated it is more than that.

You need to align them usually workshops / auto electricians have either a light board or light calibrating machine to adjust them, you can’t do it without them.

Good luck mate

Chris asks…

BMW X5 Top Hose broke while i was driving it.any advice most welcome?

The top hose on my BMW X5 cracked whilst i was driving it.The car didn’t overheat and what damage could it have done and why did it do it.Waiting for BMW for a report.

Administrator answers:

It is true that coolant hoses can burst or leak due to old age and mileage. It would have helped if you mentioned the year of the vehicle.
And at approximately 60000 miles it is recommended that all coolant hoses be replaced specially if they have become soft due to heat.
But it is also true that something could have caused the hose to burst or leak. Possibilities are overfilled expansion tank (already mentioned),
bad thermostat, and bad waterpump. Worst case scenario is a bad cylinder head gasket.
Even if it did not overheat, expect other things to crop up later like a domino effect. First to go usually is the expansion tank.
If the car is already old with high mileage it would be advisable to replace not just the hose(s) but also the expansion tank and the thermostat.
Plus a good look at the waterpump’s functionality.

Thomas asks…

does anybody know what phone fits in BMW x5 center console?

does anybody know what mobile phone i can buy to fit in center console of BMW x5 3 liter diesel 2003 thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

The actual phone holder can be changed to fit different phones – have a look at ebay item 130206402875, this one is for a Sony phone.
Maybe if you find out how the holder comes out, it will tell you on the back which phone it fits – or you could ring your BMW dealer and see if they sell a holder for your phone.

Lisa asks…

Help! Does anyone know where the baby seat attachments are in the ’03 BMW-X5?

I just purchased a BMW-X5. I have a 5 month old, who uses Graco Snug Rider Rear Facing car seat. I cannot find the latch attachments for the baby seat anywhere in the X5. Where are they???
Yes. There are normally special steel latches/clips deep inside the middle or lower portion of each seat in the rear of the car. But I can’t find them in the X5

Administrator answers:

Look in the owners manual..if you can’t find it. Bring the car to the dealership/service area…I’m sure someone there can help you.

James asks…

How much can I push my car?

It’s 2003 BMW X5 with about 120k miles. It’s a great car and it’s really fun to drive, I just want to know how much I can push this thing without doing any damage.
I meant pushing the engine to the limit, haha, like when I’m driving not actually getting out and pushing it

Administrator answers:

Well since you will be pushing it, rocks wont be flying up and hitting it. The only way you can really damage it is if you push it into traffic or if you push it off a cliff

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