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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

February 11, 2013

Carol asks…

Anyone had any problems with a BMW X5 Gearbox breaking down on them?

Mine failed after 80k miles. There is apparently a problem. I am in dispute with BMW over it as the car is only 5 years old.
Anyone else had the same problem?
James B can you give more details?
Can you e.mail me?
Jeffdode – what makes you say this?
Please give more details – I can be e.mailed.

Administrator answers:

Yes the gearbox used in a BMW x5 is only designed to last 50,000 miles so I would say you did pretty good. Buy another and treat it the same as you did this one and you will be good.

David asks…

In the new iPhone navigation software is there an option where I can avoid neighborhoods with?

lower class average household incomes?

It makes me uncomfortable to have to drive my BMW X5 past junkies, hobos and dirty illegitimate children when I’m just trying to get to the outlet mall.

Administrator answers:

I like the old days, when we used to just put a cowcatcher on the front of the car to plow aside any undesirables.

Thomas asks…

How much does a BMW car door cost?

Does anyone know approximately how much it was cost to replace a dented passenger door for a 2005 BMW X5?

Administrator answers:

I searched at for front and rear (you didn’t say which). Either way it’s between $400 – 900 for a used one (depending on condition). Hopefully one is available at a salvage yard near you.

Steven asks…

Bad points about the Manual version of the BMW X5?

What are the bad points to the manual version of the bmw x5?
I have read that it is undesirable, but why?

Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

It is undesirable because it is manual.
Luxury means everything is electronic and comfortable. Automatic transmission.

Sporty cars would need manual transmissions.

People who look for BMW X5′s do not like to drive manual. They like luxury. Automatic transmission is a luxury.

But the Manual is cheaper to buy, maintain, fix, and it is lighter, making the car slightly better on gas and handles better.

Linda asks…

upgrading the navigation in a 2002 BMW X5?

Is there a way to set the dashboard clock on a 2002 BMW X5 after the navigation system has been upgraded. The control button on the steering wheel to scroll through the date, time, miles, etc. works but since the old navigation system was replaced, is there still a way to set the dashboard clock?

Administrator answers:

No,only at BMW,we had the same prob with our 2005,.

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