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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

February 16, 2013

Sharon asks…

Does my BMW 2005 x5 have a aux lead to playmy iPod in it?

I have just bought a bmw x5 2005 with the satnav system and cd multi changer. It said it is mp3 compatible but I can’t find any way to plug my iPod either through a USB or aux lead. Can anybody help

Administrator answers:

MP3 compatible could mean it can play MP3′s off CD’s…

Mary asks…

What SUV would you buy if you had to spend 45K?

or under on one? BMW X5? A loaded up Chevy or Caddy?
pros and cons?
Fusepark, that was funny.

Administrator answers:

I would get a loaded up chevy one you have luxury and you have a cheaper to fix than a foreign vehicle car. The only disadvantage is the fact that even a loaded chevy will loose more value than a bmw so keep that in mind if you ever plan on selling the car

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