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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

February 19, 2013

Sandra asks…

Can I use biodiesel in a bluetec diesel engine? Will it harm the engine, the after-treatment, or the PM fltr?

I own a 2006 Jetta TDI and want to upgrade to a bigger passenger diesel and want the BMW X5 bluetec diesel when it comes out. I only want it if I can run biodiesel B20 or B99 in it without harming the vehicle. I’m not interested in the manufacturer’s lame, conservative position and warranty statements. I want to know if it will actually cause probelms with the bluetec technology. Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

Some folks say bluetec engines will and others say they won’t:

It does:

It doesn’t:

Ask the dealer and see if it will affect the engine warranty.

There is a difference in the characteristics of biofuels and petroleum fuels that can affect engines and the seals if they are not engineered for both fuels.

Betty asks…

My new BMW X5 blowing out huge cloud of white smoke when cold starting?

I just bought a brand new 2013 BMW X5. When I am starting the car in the morning, huge white cloud of smoke continue blowing out of the left tailpipe for about 5 minutes. The BMW service said it’s not excessive, but I don’t see any of the new or old cars on the road blowing white smoke like that. What I should do next?

Administrator answers:

It’s not a deisel right? So, excessive white smoke on start up, usually is caused by a build-up of anti-freeze/coolant in one of the cylinders. Typical of a bad head gasket. Have it fixed under warranty, immediately.

Joseph asks…

Is it legal for a muffler delete while still keeping the resonator and cat on?

So guys hit me up with some knowledge here. I have a BMW X5 2002 4.4i and I wanted to add some horsepower as it would make towing easier and general driving a bit more fun. So I was thinking I could do a muffler delete while still keeping the Cats and Resonator on as well as replacing with two y pipes? Thanks for your help in advance!

Administrator answers:

Actualy the muffler shouldnt really affect much here cause it doesnt hold alot back. The catalytic converter holds more back and you could get high flow catalytic converters so its legal.. Better sound and at the same time more horse power… Better flow… Better gas mileage all at the same time… The resonator is useless to most people i dont even keep them usualy but it shouldnt affect anything. I guess you could a higher flow muffler but still most people replace the muffler for sound but the cat will block the most of ur sound it should have cause it is restricting soooo much. The y pipes are a good ad on for style and appearance. And to the best of my knowledge it is ilegal to operate a vehicle on the road with no muffler… Although u can remove it at home if u dont plan to drive it haha. If i was you i would jusst put a high flow cat on and maybe a good sounding muffler? Or do the y pipe thing for a dual exhaust with chrome tips.

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