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March 6, 2013

William asks…

What are the best conditions for a 0-60 run?

Like weather, road, how to prep my car. I have a 2009 BMW X5 xdrive48i and I want to achieve my best 0-60 time, my best yet was 6.5 seconds. Factory rates it at 6.4 but still I want to try with the best conditions. 2009 BMW X5 xdrive48i 4.8L V8 350hp, 350tq. 6AT. 35k. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

I’m sorry, but you can’t take advice from anyone who thinks just adding higher octane fuel will give you “20hp” because it’s a load of manure.

Since it’s an automatic, the shifts will never get faster. The only way you can improve your time is with power. General rule of thumb here: More air in=more power.

Cold air is more dense than hot air.
Humid air is less dense than dry air.
A certain level of humidity helps avoid detonation, though.

The colder the temperatures, the better off you are, and since it’s AWD and an automatic, you should never have traction issues.

So, wait for a nice cold day. Or just stop the stopwatch a tick sooner, because there’s no reliable way to measure 0-60mph.

Donna asks…

Which navigation to buy for BMW x5 3.0i 2002?

I have BMW x5 3.0i 2002 with no navigation,and no DSP. I want to put navigation,but not stock version and the one which plays MP3 and the one which supports steering wheel control buttoms. Any suggestions? Please details as much as possible.

Administrator answers:

Hey I got the same thing.

You should check out for all your questions.

Thomas asks…

where to buy angel eyes for bmw x5? who can set them up?

I have BMW x5 2002 3.0i. I want to buy angel yes,and i need help to set them up? What body shop sells angel eyes and who can set them up?

Administrator answers:

Angel eyes are standard on X5′s (assuming you have xenon lights)…I think you want a brighter luminosity, which then i recommend GP Thunders.

Jenny asks…

how can i activate my blackberry perl to my bmw x5?

im trying to conec the bluetooth from my blackberry perl to my 05 bmw x5 but it ask for a code and i dont have that code

Administrator answers:

Not possible

Charles asks…

BMW x5 how the transmission should shift?

When I drive BMW x5 3.0i 2002 slowly accellerating(normal driving),you can’t even feel the shifts,but when i drive more agressivle it shifts the same way,making you feel the shifts. Is is the way it should be? Please give details as much as possible,about how yours shift.

Administrator answers:

To answer your question.. While driving normally, the gearbox will shift at lower revs (if you look at the RMP meter, it will usually not go fast 4000 rpm).. But when you drive harder, it shifts later (past 5000) which causes jerking of the car

let me clarify: yes, this is abrupt shift pattern that you describe IS normal, because of the reasons i discussed above

Steven asks…

Where in Miami can I get fuel injectors for a 2003 BMW X5 (diesel)?

BMW X5 3.0d


Administrator answers:

Check to find the part numbers, then call your local BMW dealer to see if they can order them for you.

I’ve heard that Canadian BMW dealers sometimes have more luck getting non-US parts, so you might try there, too.

It’s also likely they’re Bosch parts, and might be shared with other cars. A diesel-knowledgeable mechanic might be able to cross-reference to a more widely available generic part.

George asks…

can you put bigger alloys on a smaller tyre?

hi this might sound like a dumb question but im wondering if you can put 20″ alloys on 19″ tyres ( for a bmw x5 2006 )
ohh! and if u recommened where to get cheap tyres in scotland then i will definetely consider you’re answer as a best answer!
thanks for the help!

Administrator answers:

No, sorry,

example, Tyre size 225/45/19 etc….

The 225 is the width, the 45 is the profile or the distance from the inside of the tyre to the tread, the 19 is the measurement of the bit where you put the wheel. 19inch tyre means a 19inch wheel.

There is a rule of thumb you can apply to when replacing tyres to suit bigger wheels, a true sizing will have to be done by using the revolutions per mile of the tyre, this can change when different treads and speed ratings are used.

The rule of thumb is as follows, from original size i.e. 225/45/19 for every inch you go up you need to reduce the profile or the “45″ by increments of “5″ example, if you BMW has a 225/45/19 you can have a 20inch wheel with a 225/40/20 tyre, or with a 21inch wheel you can have a 225/35/21, its best to not go more than 2inches up from your original size as this can then start to affect the handling and revolutions per mile.

Your BMW X5 is also fitted with higher speed rating which means a stronger side wall on the tyre, its very important that you get the correct rated tyre or increase the rating if required.

Your X5 can run 285/ 35 / 21 or a 295 / 40 / 20 for better handling,

as for tyres i would recommend Hankook as they have a very good selection for MPV requirements and handle very very well, they are a soft compound tyre with excellent grip.

Good Luck :)

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