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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

August 27, 2012

Thomas asks…

wat do u think of the hummer H3 BMW X5 and MERCEDES BENZ M CLASS?

plz say ur opinion abt each alone then which do u think is better

Administrator answers:

For a girl the x5 or a range rover, for a male the M class

Maria asks…

I’m debating between the BMW X5 and the Lexus LX 470… thoughts?

Administrator answers:

Why not a lincoln or cadillac

Charles asks…

How do I get the trunk open on my BMW X5 without a battery in the car?

There is no key hole on the trunk, I can get in through the driver side door but I need to open the trunk to put the battery back in which its impossible to do without the trunk open. Please somebody help me I’m desperate and all the car shops are closed untill monday

Administrator answers:

Well, if the seats fold down, climb into the trunk. There is usually a inside trunk release on cars passed 2000.

Donald asks…

ML63 AMG or BMW X5 M?

Which is faster??
And which is faster in 1/4 mile?

Administrator answers:

BMW is faster. It is a BEAST. Although BMW enthusiasts(like me) want to argue that the X5/X5M isn’t really a BMW and does not worth the M badge, it is still a great car nonetheless.

The AMg is good too, but you will get sick and tired of it by looking at it every day. My neighboure had one, i i want to throw up when i see it.

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