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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

March 8, 2013

Ruth asks…

What is the car return law in NYS?

My girlfriend just returned a car (BMW X5 ) Fully loaded and had to pay a 10% cancelation fee because the payments were out of this world($ 864.00 per month with a credit score of 680) My question is Is there a law on the books that says that you can return a car within a cretain amount days without a penalty?

Administrator answers:

No, there is no law in NY or any other state. Buying a car is different than buying anything else, because it depreciates in value almost immediately. She is lucky they let her cancel the deal, they didn’t have to do that. Once you sign the paperwork on a car deal, it’s final.

Sharon asks…

Is it possible to tow an SUV behind an SUV for a cross country move?

I have a Montero Sport Limited AWD 6cyl. (about 4,000 lbs) and my fiancee has a BMW X5 6cyl. (about 5,000 lbs). We are planning to move back to the east coast and would like to be able to drive together in one of the cars and tow the other. Neither car has a hitch thus far, but we would be willing to have one put on. We’re not really interested in shipping either car or having a stranger drive it. Is it feasible for one of these to tow the other? If so, where would I rent from (u-haul turned me down)? ANY and all suggestions and ideas are welcome as we have never done anything like this before. Thank you! : )

Administrator answers:

You do not want to flat tow it, as the last person said, rent a towing dolly and put the front wheels on it, then take the drive shaft out for the rear wheels. I just towed a 93 jeep cherokee 4×4 and if you dont take out the rear drive shaft, it can cause damage to the transfer case. It is only two bolts holding it in and takes about five minutes to take it out. Also make sure to have the lighting hooked up on the trailer or at least have the flashers going on the car being towed. Also be sure that the steering wheel is locked and it is strapped on good. Good luck on your move!!

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