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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

March 12, 2013

Helen asks…

is it fine if u install a subwoofer on a 2007 bmw x5?, does it fill up the space on the 3rd row seat?.?

i want a loud sound system in my suv but i am concerned about the space and connection with the centralized computer input of BMW X5 series.

Administrator answers:

I’m sure you can, just take it to a pro installer to put in the new sub

Ruth asks…

what are the pros/cons of owning two vehicles?

I’m trying to convince my wife into getting another vehicle, we currently have a 2009 bmw x5 and we want a car to do city-run-a-bout. BUT she wants to give up my SUV, for one car, and i say we buy a second car. Please help me out!

Administrator answers:

Don’t have to share so you can each go your own ways.
Could save on gas if the new car has better gas mileage.
Less stress if one of the cars has to be taken to the shop for a few days.

Insurance will be more expensive.
New car payment.
Pay registration on two cars instead of one.
Parking could be an issue (I don’t know if you have enough space in/around your home to park another vehicle.)

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