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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

March 14, 2013

Ken asks…

Where should I get my tires changed?

I drive a BMW X5. My tires need to be changed, the dealership is quite expensive. It was around 450$ per tire last time.

I was wondering if I can get it somewhere else with similar quality? Where would be a trusted installer? Would Canadian Tire be good?

I don’t want to screw up my car. but every time I go to the dealership, seems like they are trying to get the most out of me. I live in Ontario.

Thanks for reading!

Administrator answers:

Just about any tire store that sells major brand tires can change out your tires for less than half of what that dealer wanted. Top quality tires too. Don’t let them rip you off.

Sandra asks…

how to update bmw x5 satnav v32 version. i got it on cd but it says incorrect cd. thanks?

bmw x5 2003. v32 on cd downloaded from internet.

Administrator answers:

What you got was a pirated BMW operating system software on cd. This is not a map cd.
The operating system is upgraded through the front cd/dvd player, and a map cd/dvd is inserted into the rear nav receiver/player.
Most nav players now use dvd’s whereas older ones are cd-based.

Susan asks…

What are the STATES or places where cars are the cheapest?

I’m 19 yrs and i’m really into Bmws or Mercedes, because i feel like they will last longer, i wouldn’t like to go the garage every month and spend so much money. I’ve seen it happened. One time investment is what i want.

My dream car would be a 2003 BMW X5 4.6IS possibly supercharged. thanks

Administrator answers:

Florida is a good place to find high end cars on the cheap,but the car you want will not be cheap anywhere. But it will be cheaper than anywhere else

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