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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

March 20, 2013

Ken asks…

How much did your last car cost?

and what kind of car is it?

my mom: $42,000; bmw x5
my dad: $28,000; bmw 3 series coupe
my brother: $22,000; 2011 vw jetta

i don’t drive yet. :D

Administrator answers:

BMW Z4..I lease it

Nancy asks…

My BMW X5 transmission is having a shifting problem when it warms up?

My 4.4 x5 is holding each gear up until around 4000+ rpms.
Once the speed drops slightly or below a certain rpms, the transmission does a hard shift back into the lower gear and the rpms and fuel consumption gauge jump up to a high level.
This problem is intermittent and happens after approximately 20 minutes to a half hour of driving.

this is an intermittent issue which happens after about 20 minutes of driving.

Administrator answers:

There are bulletins on that vehicle for transmission problems, too many to go over on here. You should take it to your local dealer. It could be a simple programming issue to needing a new transmission.

Michael asks…

Service at an independent shop for my BMW?

I went to my independent shop for service with my 2005 BMW X5. I have been going there for years with my previous cars.
Oil change cost me $75.
Brake pads for front & back $200.
4 rotors cut $40.
Air filter $22.
Labor $130 + tax.
Did I make a good decision by choosing the independent shop?
Did I save some money?

Administrator answers:

That is way cheaper then a dealer for sure but I can tell you from experience that BMW OEM brakes are superior to any aftermarket imitation out there. We don’t cut rotors at the dealer they either just get new pads and sensor or new rotors. Also we see lots of aftermarket oil filters come apart during the course of time before your next oil service. So be careful… You get what you pay for.

Maria asks…

BMW x5 4.4L sports wobbles and bumpy, how to improve on suspension system and to get more comfortable ride?

I have driven a Lexus and it was very comfortable, can i do something to the suspension system of my X5 to get a more comfortable ride.

Administrator answers:

BMW’s are deliberately more “sports-tuned” compared to other “soft-tuned” vehicles. So it will feel firmer.
In fact you may also notice that the steering wheel also feels heavier compared to other cars.

This allows you to really get the feedback you need for taking curves at higher speeds for example.

There are no after market solutions to “soften” the ride of your BMW.

Depending on your current wheel size, you might be able to downsize it by 1-2 inches. This makes the ride slightly more cusioned. But that’s pretty much all there is to do – other than selling it and buying a Lexus.

Donald asks…

What are the daftest things drivers do?

What are the most annoying things other drivers do, legal or illegal? Here are a few to start:
Driving with fog lights on, in clear weather, even daylight.
Driving with fog lights on and headlights on, especially in fog.
So called personal number plates, especially those like the “X5” on a BMW X5, or “JAG” on a Jaguar.
People who put their hazard lights on when they park on double yellow lines.
Motorway drivers who stay in the middle or outside lane when the other lanes are clear.
Worst of all, drivers who insist on taking up 2 parking spaces, simply because they are too lazy to park properly.
Not always logical, but hey, I’m only human!!

Administrator answers:

I quite regularly put my lipstick on while driving, which is insanely stupid, I know.

Sandy asks…

What would you say is the most reliable car for a teenage girl?

Likes sporty look,(coupe),or the body dtyle of an BMW X5 44.i

Administrator answers:

She has expensive tastes.
If you are buying the vehicle, a Honda Civic is a good reliable vehicle. It’s a lot cheaper to repair with a novice operator.


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