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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

March 26, 2013

Donald asks…

Need help installing aftermarket navigation in BMW x5?

I have dash kit and wiring for BMW x5 2002,and I have Pioneeer navic F-90BT,but need help how to plug it in. Any details would be fine. Thanks

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure how credible this source is, but I found it via a simple google search. You gotta be careful with those German audio systems though, they tie in alot of other components to the radio, make sure you know what you’re doing, perhaps talk to a certified auto dealer or modifier before you perform the work. But in any case, here you go.

Power (O E M) color *Standard color*

Battery/Memory (Yellow) *Yellow*

Ignition/Accessory (Purple) *Red*

Ground (Brown) *Black*

Power Antenna (White) *Blue*

Amplifier Turn On N/A *Blue / White*

Illumination N/A *Orange*

Dimmer N/A *Orange/White*

Speakers (OEM) color *Standard color*

Front / Right + (Blue) *Gray*
Front / Right – (Blue/Brown) *Gray/Black*

Front / Left + (Yellow) *White*
Front / Left – (Yellow/Brown) *White/Black*

Rear / Right + Use Purple
Rear / Right – Factory Fader Purple / Black

Rear / Left + Use Green
Rear / Left – Factory Fader Green / Black

Mandy asks…

What would be a cool plate name for BMW X5 2007?

im gettin the new X5 next week and i want to get my plate number, so i have to come up with something cool .

Administrator answers:


William asks…

What does a symbol of two blue concentric circles signify on the map on a BMW sat nav screen?

These symbols crop up quite regularly but when I get to that point on the map, there’s nothing there of any interest whatsoever. I drive a three year old X5.

Administrator answers:

BMW centres, dealerships, service centres, etc

Paul asks…

What is the best place to interrupt the power supply wire of the fuel pump in a BMW X5 3.0d built on 12/2003?

I want to install a anti-thief device on my car, but I don’t know how to access the fuel pump or its feeding wire. What is the best way? Is it from inside the car or from its underneath? And how do I indentify the wire that supplies the power to the fuel pump? What colors does it have?

Administrator answers:

Me,ide get it from the fuse box…find the pump fuse and make your connections there

Donna asks…

I was quoted at $800 to have brake service when all I hear is a slight noise when I brake for 94 BMW. Help?

I have a BMW 325i 94 and quoted me at 800 dollars for brake pads and rotors when I did an inspection. All I hear is a slight noise when I brake on my driver side tire. Rotors are not warped just old. No vibrations. What should I do? I would change them myself but am away from home for 5 months.

Administrator answers:

I bet you went to BMW to get it fixed. Thats your reason. My brake light was on in my x5 and they wanted $300 just to look at it. Go to some cheap mexican thats what I did and it worked. Find somebody that services bmw’s and get it done.

Ken asks…

I need to find a good 2007 used bmw x5 within 30 miles of cincinnati?

It needs to have navi climate control, 3rd row seating and has to be about 30,000-45,000 Dollars.

Administrator answers:

Here is one. Click on the link below,

Good Luck.

Laura asks…

what is the best way to clean BMW X5 engine?

wash with water & soap or diesel? some says water is not good for engine and diesel is not good rubber/plastic parts around.

Administrator answers:

Does it really get dirty? It does not leak oil and anything and with the under cover and all the plastic, one can’t see the engine.

I just wipe down the engine bay and the plastic covers with the soapy water after a car wash.

Richard asks…

Is the front ventilated seats option for the BMW X5 a worthwhile investment?

I live in South Florida where it’s always hot, so I wanted to know if the ventilated seats is a good investment. Separately, what do you guys think about the Saddle Brown Leather interior with a Black Metallic Exterior?

Administrator answers:

Yes! My cousin has an ’07 3.0si and they’re awesome during summer! We also had a 4.8i and we used them all the time too. I think the Black on Saddle is an awesome color combo as long as you keep it clean. I also like the Space Gray on Saddle with the Sport Package 20′s.

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