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March 30, 2013

Ken asks…

How much would you pay for 2002 BMW x5 3.0i with 65k ?

Hopw much woudl you pay fro used BMW x5 3.0 with 65k? here is the link

Administrator answers:

It depends on how well they maintained it. Make sure they have records of oil changes and other service done to it. Also, you can run the VIN number to see if it has been wrecked, etc. The car looks great.

Sandra asks…

Where is the flasher relay located in the 2005 BMW X5?

My turn signals are working. But my hazards are not when I press the button. I could not locate a fuse for the hazards either.

Administrator answers:

There is no flasher relay per se, the way that old cars have.
All the lighting functions are controlled by the light check control module (LCM). It is integrated with the light switch on the left hand side of the dashboard.
If the turn signals work but the hazards do not, either the hazard switch is disconnected or faulty, or the LCM is bad.

James asks…

how expensive is it to fit a toe bar to a car?

I am looking at buying a bmw x5 and putting a toe bar on it. Any one have any idea as to how much it will cost me and what kind of bar i need? Cheers

Administrator answers:

Easy, just buy one with a tow bar already fitted.

Linda asks…

Anybody know how to reset 2003 BMW X5 oil change reminder gauge?

Once my 50000 mile free maintenance is up, I am not inclined to be doing an oil change at a BMW dealership (it is very expensive). My neighborhood mechanic is willing to do it, but he doesn’t know how to reset the oil change reminder gauge. The 5 bar gauge that gradually disappears until 15,000 mile is up and reminds you your next oil change is due. Anybody know how to reset that after oil change?

Administrator answers:

If you don’t get it done at a BMW dealership you can order the reset device from a BMW catalog and do it yourself. It’s relatively inexpensive (in relation to how much the service fee is) and it’s easy to use.

Lizzie asks…

How do you reboot the radio system on a 2002 BMW X5 4.4 without disconnecting the battery or fuses?

Pretty simple question. Other sites say to hold down the 2 eject buttons, the 2002 model only has 1, so how do you perform the hard reset on it? Couldn’t find the answer anywhere

Administrator answers:

There is no easy way about it. There is no reset or reboot option in most if not all BMW radios.
And incidentally you even failed to identify yours (business cd,etc).
Either you pull the plug at the back of the radio itself, or detach the battery negative cable, or pull the radio fuse (all of which should be done for at least 10 minutes or more preferably overnight).
Naturally all your radio presets would need to be reset.
And pulling the radio fuse is the least reliable way to do a reset. BMW techs usually do a battery reset.

Joseph asks…

I would like to know how expensive it would be to service a benz, bmw, and acura.?

I am looking for costs of basic maintenance such as oil, brakes etc. and for those major fixes such as timing belt, air conditioning servicing etc. Any informative responses would be greatly appreciated. Vehicles that I am considering are the Acura MDX, BMW X5, or Mercedez Benz RX 350.

Administrator answers:

They all are expensive to service BUT!!!):
1. European cars are still more expensive than Japanese and
2. Bmw and mercedes need repairs on a daily basis while Acura usually doesn’t.

John asks…

how much are bmw x5 leases going for these days?

im looking into maybe leasing a x5 and wanted to see if there are any deals out there i should be looking for.

Administrator answers:

I’d venture a guess and say the gas engine models are going for relatively cheap with the introduction of the powerful and efficient diesel x5. If you want to get specific just go to and click build your own on the x5 page’s sidebar. Build it to your desired specifications and at the end you can esimate payments for buying and leasing based on your credit, etc. The website should also take into account any deals or promotions being offered if you enter your zip code, I remember last year it took their 0.9 APR promotion into account.

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