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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

April 6, 2013

Susan asks…

I have a BMW X5 ’03. It won’t start just making loud clicking noise battery appears to be fine?

The interior light are bright as well as the head lights. It was working perfect yesterday (start up was smooth yesterday) Would would cause this abrupt shut down? Already tried to jump start but still not working.

Administrator answers:

Well if the battery IS good, and connections are good (if terminal corroded and not passing current, – jumpers can not provide enough current to crank)! Wires are too small (just the insulation is “fat”)! Bad terminal will also make headlights go out when you turn to “start” position!

That leaves the solenoid or the starter!— As solenoid is what is making the “clicking noise”!

As for working yesterday,— today is not yesterday anymore, -and things ‘break when they brealk”! Sometimes with no warning whatsoever!!

Paul asks…

air condition fro BMW x5 is not working i checked the fuses they are fine do what els i can check myself?

my AC stop working suddenlly , any idea what should i check b4 take it to mechanic?

Administrator answers:

Most common problem is insufficient R134a (refrigerant) pressure. Buy a refill can with a pressure gauge, and fill up the system to the indicated pressure on the can. The system will automatically kick on when it senses adequate pressure.

Target is having a clearance sale on these cans now!

Good luck

Donald asks…

How much my 2003 BMW X5 3.0i worth without engine, but with excellent interior exterior condition?

Engine died due to mechanical failure, never been in an accident, all else in the car is in excellent condition. Leather seats, sunroof, cd changer, wood trims, gps, 126,000 miles on the car itself.
Does the dead engine has any value on it separately?

Administrator answers:

Sell it to me

Sharon asks…

Why is the sound on the stereo on a BMW x5 not working?

There is Absolutely no sound coming from it, and I can’t find the reason why.

Administrator answers:

Diagnosis of an audio system in most BMW’s is beyond the capability of most mortals who do not have the equipment and knowledge of how individual BMW cars work.
It is not enough that you know something about electronics or are an audio buff.
The defect can be anywhere among the following: radio receiver, antenna circuit, wirings, amplifier, telecommunications module, central video display, or some other related thing like a software glitch.
Bring it to a pro, meaning a BMW dealer or independent shop.

David asks…

When you should change oil in differentials in BMW x5 3.0i 2002 at what mileage or what very how many months?

When should you change oil in differentials?

Administrator answers:

“Manual and automatic transmission, transfer box and differential – Lifetime fluid, no fluid change required”

Lisa asks…

Can anyone tell me how much is the import custom duty on 2004 bmw x5 sport 3000ccTo Pakistan?

Can anyone tell me how much is the import custom duty on 2004 bmw x5 sport 3000cc
To Pakistan The vehicle cost me £25 000 roughly And also can I import the car under baggage scheme which I think I am entitle to because the vehicle is less then 2 years old and I have been living in the uk more than 180 days,can I leave it there or I have to bring it back along me on my return to the uk

Administrator answers:

It would usually cost between 15-30,000 USD each way to ship a vehicle depending on it’s weight.

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