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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

April 8, 2013

Daniel asks…

How reliable is a used BMW x5?

Im looking to purchase a used x5…most likely a 2007 or 2008. Ive heard some bad and good things. I would like to hear from someone who owns an older one. Do they break down a lot? Is there a known problem with them? All feedback would be helpful!

Administrator answers:

Those older ones do. You’d have to go with a newer model, as they fixed the big High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) issue that plagued the 3.0 engines from 2007+… I think 2010+ and you are safe. They are excellent in the snow and ride like a dream.

Donna asks…

dealer said i need new thermostat because its causing the ac to cut off thinking the engine is overheating?

2002 x5 bmw
it is a 3.0 sorry, is it the same price and labor time


Administrator answers:

That’s a little lowa whoa! The thermostat on the X-5 list for $126.51 for the 4.4 l engine and the labor calls for almost 2 hours to replace. Yes an overtemp will cause the high pressure switch to open @over 450 PSI. And stop the A/C compressor to stop operating!

Laura asks…

My 2003 BMW X5 memory seat adjustment and steering wheel is acting like it is locked in one spot?

The seat or the steering wheel will not move regardless when I press any of the buttons. It was working fine and then all of a sudden just stopped. Do you have any suggestions on what to do?

Administrator answers:

I had the same problem with my x3 make sure the bottom of the seat comes all the way up and then you will be able to move the back portion of it fwd.

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