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April 15, 2013

Daniel asks…

What Should I Do To My BMW X5?

Hey guys I just purchased a 2003 BMW x5, greyish blue in clour, and I was thinking about raising it…or doing something cool, like black rims. does anyone know any websites or previous experiences that they can share?

Thanks a lot

Administrator answers:

I think chrome rims would look sick with the color of your car. It would bring out contrast. Also get tints for sure! You can never go wrong with tints. If you want to go extra , black out the light, change the front lights to a differnet color. You can also change the bmw logo to a differnt color. You can buy this sticker where you put it on top, so instead of the logo being navy and white you can make it white and black or pink and black or white and green, any color you want, you can buy them off ebay for like 3-5 bucks

Robert asks…

What is More cool BMW X5 2001 or Lexus RX300 2001?

What is More cool BMW X5 2001 or Lexus RX300 2001? details please :-)

Administrator answers:

X5 no doubt.
Japaneses are always boring on styling….but the X5 is bmw attempt at making a “pimp” car

Maria asks…

Preventing issues with computer and electrical system when changing battery on a BMW X5?

If I am taking the old dead battery out and want to keep the electrical system from going dead is it recommended to attach a 12 volt battery charger to the terminals under the hood/

Administrator answers:

No!! This may instead CAUSE problems!! You can buy a little thing that plugs into cigarette lighter (think it is called a memory preserver – or somehting like that)- which has a “dry battery” inside it, and that will keep the memory in radio in effect, – I don’t know if you have one of those “sophsiticated theft prevention/alarm units” In car though!— Some are set up to “shut car down” when you interrupt electrical system — (IE: it thinks you are trying to steal your car!) Check and see first, – you will want to find out how to “turn it back on” so you are ready,– if it quits!

Is the battery really “dead_,- or just won’t start car? Might be good idea to check and see if the charging system is working properly first (lots of people change battery, then find out that they have bad charging system instead)! And if battery is acutally “stone dead” you may already have lost all “memory functions” anyway!! Like from leaving headlights on all night (or all day)!

You could also try using a “jumper from one car to another” that plugs into cigarette lighter — or jumper cables (hooked up so that they were’nt in your way) when taking off the battery terminals. Like a good ground on engine or frame somewhere , and positive cable hooked on positive cable (somewhere else than terminal itself if possible). Bear in mind though that you want to make sure that you don’t ground the positive cable though, – as it is now “hot”!! Take a piece of clothing or newspaper to lay cable on so that it can’t get near metal anywhere on body!


I have started cars with a “good battery ,and switched the “dead battery back” into car by using jumpers from one to other. You just hook cables onto the terminals of car (battery is going to), and then put connectors on “dead battery” in car it is coming out of, — battery then removed from “running car”,- and set on ground (insulating positive cable of course)! Then the other battery is set in place, and engine revevd up just a little with throttle from outside- quickly take hand off throttle, drop clamp, and slip ternminal on battery ,- (as engine is slowing down!), do same with other side of battery, and “button things up” . Drop “good battery in other car and you are all done! This works well when it is 30 or 40 below zero, and battery is too low to start car, — Booster cables are not heavy enough to carry enough power to battery to make engine turn over (able to carry maybe 30-40 amps,– engine wanting 450 amps or better to turn over because of cold)! You then either have wait for half an hour or more with engine running on “booster car” to charge the battery up enough that the two of them together can provide enough power to start car, or swap battery from running car (hot swap also) to “dead car, and use boosters to “add power to a good battery”– when dead car runing, then you can shut off the “booster car, “hot swap” old battery” back into that car which is now running, — the good battery will then start the “booster car,- and you are on your way! Sounds complicated, but not, –just explaining it is!

By the way don’t buy the idea tha you can check charging system by removing battery cable and seeing if engine keeps running, – this does not always prove anything,- (some will not run even when charging system is good)! It also may damage electronic stuff in car if it is much more than “slow idle”! The shorter the interrruption and the slower the engine running the better!

Lizzie asks…

Buying a car on ebay thats in Canada?

what do i need to know? car is 2006 bmw x5 worth $40k. customs? paperwork registration? shipping can be arranged.

Administrator answers:

Buying a car on Ebay is normal now days if you are willing to make the commitment without test driving. Just make sure you get the VIN for the car and look it up to make sure that it is what you expect. Other than that, make sure that you are buying for a reputable source so that you dont get scammed.

**Also, send the money some way so that it is insured (like paypal)

Mark asks…

What is the best luxury car to purchase?

It is said that Japanese cars are the most reliable, but I like mercedes-benz and BMW. So which luxury car is REALLY the best one to buy?

Administrator answers:

How are BMW’s overrated? It seems that in every single tst, BMW wins hands down for performance. I agree with you on liking BMW and Benz’s more than Lexus and Infiniti. It seems as if those cars have no soul and just look boring. Take fore example the Lexus LS. It is a great car packed in technology, and a wonderful engine. This is a great car, get Lexus manages to pack it in an extremely bland frame that is forgetable by most. I don’t want my car to blend in if I am paying above $70,000. It really depends on which model you prefer.

3-Series is better that C-Class

5 Series is better than E-Class

7 Series is worse than S-Class

X3 is worse than ML

X5 is better than GL

Z4 is better than SLK

3 Series Coupe is better than CLK

6 Series is better than SL

It really matters on opinion. BMW has put performance over comfort for years, MB has put comfort over performance for years. Take a look at Audi. They have made some great products lately. The A6 and the new A5 are amazing cars. The best car on the road today is the S-Class by Mercedes.

Lisa asks…

Is there a standard iPod hookup in the 2007 BMW x5?

I am thinking to purchase this car, but I know I definitely need a car with an iPod hookup. PLEASE HELP!

Administrator answers:

Brianna dear, if you are so preoccupied about an iPod hookup, chances are a BMW is not for you. Real BMW enthusiasts most definitely do not fret about such crap.

Jenny asks…

BMW X5 Overheating Problems?

I have a 2002 BMW X5 4.6is and lately it has been overheating..

The radiator hose has just been replaced and the air has been bled from the raditor but it still overheats. I find that if the air conditioner is being used, the car will overheat faster.

I am due to take the car to a BMW dealer tomorrow but would like to know what the cause can be prior to going in tomorrow (if you have an X5, your answer will be highly regarded)

Thank you
Thank you. There is no water loss at all so no leaks.

Administrator answers:

It could be a lot of things;
1. Check your radiator if its clog
2. Check your water pump if its malfunctioning
3. Check your auxiliary fan if its working properly, coz you said every time you open your a/c, your car overheats.
4. Check your freon level, it might be too much. Too much freon will cause high pressure in the a/c system, which causes overheats in your engine.
5. Stuck up thermostat
Have this check by a good BMW mechanic. Hope this helps!

Donna asks…

wat is the cost of converting a diesel to fuel engine?

wat r the cost of converting a diesel into a fuel engine exactly for wat engine,its bmw x5 3.0 2008 car
wat r the prices to convert a diesl to gas engine

Administrator answers:

What type of fuel?
Gasoline, hydrogen, virtual?
Isn’t diesel a ‘fuel’ also?

Charles asks…

why is my BMW X5 emitting thick white smoke from the exhaust?

its a 2005 BMW X5 diesel engine

Administrator answers:

With no other details I would think its maybe your head gasket thats blown. How is your coolant level?

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