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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

April 17, 2013

Helen asks…

Changing the dash from reg to gps version on my convertible BMW?

I recently bought my car, it was brand new BMW 328i convertible. I didnt get the gps because it was $2000 extra and i didnt think it was worth it. After getting a loaner while i get my car fixed i have changed my mind and want to get it. Anyone have any idea how to get this changed. I want the factory dash and i know it would also require the radio to be changed.

Administrator answers:

It can be done. It will be expensive.

Your best bet is to get used parts off of a wrecked 3er. Even then it is going to cost far more than $2000.

To give you a general idea of just how hard this is, I’ve included a link of how to retrofit NAV in a X5.

Buy a Nuvi for now and order your next BMW with factory NAV.

Sandy asks…

What Limited Slip Differentials are a direct swap for 2003 BMW 540i?

No M5 Differentials, please. Only a direct swap from other BMW models etc.
Mine is the large case diff.

Administrator answers:

I think only diffs from other 5 series models would be a direct swap. And your year, i think that would only be a 525/530, and 540. I doubt an X5 would work. All the other series are different sizes.

Steven asks…

Can I change to Valvoline Max life 10W-30 synthetic oil in my 2002 BMW X5 with 60,000 miles ?

I need to change the oil of my. hardly driven, BMW X5, I recently change the oil (april) and I rarely use my car. I couldnt believe it. Now I want to change to a Valvoline Max life 10W-30, can I??

Administrator answers:

If you’ve had your car serviced at the dealer they should have been using BMW-branded 5W-30 synthetic.

I would suggest sticking with synthetic oil, and using one that meets the BMW specification for your car, BMW LL (long Life) -01. If the oil meets the spec, it’ll be listed on the label. Some that I know of that do (apart from BMW’s own oil):

Castrol Syntec 0W-30
Mobil 1 0W-40 European Car Formula
(Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 meets the later BMW LL-04, and could also be used)

Valvoline’s website recommends their Synpower brand for your car, rather than the Max Life. Check the 5W-30 MST and 5W-40 labels for one that meets BMW LL-01.

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