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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

April 21, 2013

David asks…

I have a bmw x5 my service engine light keeps coming on the macanick cant figure it out. any suggestions?

my car has been in and out of the shop for about a month. bmw did a full test on the car. the light went off and a day later it went back on.

Administrator answers:

You need to find a new mechanic, codes are stored even if the light goes out and a good mech with a scan tool will be able to tell you

Donna asks…

Lock problem for a 2002 BMW X5 Door lock?

I have a 2002 BMW X5. It had been having problem with the driver side door lock for a while, and I always use the keep to lock and unlock the door.
Since few days ago when I was using the key to lock the door, it locked, but when I was trying to unlock it later on. The “clich” in the door lock is not working and there’s no way I can unlock the door anymore so I need to get in from other doors and climb into driver seat. I think it’s the internal lock is broken, how can it fix it?
1) Is it the lock problem?
2) Do I need to take down the whole door to fix this?
3) If not, can I just take the lock out and fix it?
4) How?

thanks so much!!!

Administrator answers:

Sounds like you need a lock actuator. You will need to take off the inside door panel to access (and replace).

Cheapest price I found:

Mark asks…

What fluid to use on a BMW x5 3.0i 2002 differential?

I am going to change differential fluid. Any ideas what type should I use? It is 3.0i 2002 with rear selfleveling suspension.

Administrator answers:

It takes a special synthetic gear oil for BMW only. Get it from the dealer. I would be easier just to have them change it. Takes about a 1/2 hour.

Lizzie asks…

My BMW 540i does not respond to the gears, when I put it in drive it does not move at all. Only Reverse works?

I have a gearbox like the one on the X5 which you can drive automatic or manual. Reverse gear works perfectly, but drive on automatic or manual does not respond at all, it seems like it wants to move but it’s stuck on a higher gear. Because when it stopped working correctly I was on a high gear.

Administrator answers:

If its got fluid …its time to make friends at the tranny shop

Joseph asks…

Why does my BMW X5 car alarm keep going off when locked?

when i leave my car parked, locking it, its alarm goes off after a period of time
however when i dont lock my car, for example in my garage, the alarm does not go off.

Anyone know how I can fix this problem?

Administrator answers:

The proper way to fix it is first to diagnose it with a BMW GT1 scanner
to find out the alarm counts and the reasons for it. It can be the control module (with passenger compartment sensor), the alarm/siren, the door lock sensors/switches, or the front hood position switch.
Usually it is the hood position switch that is bad. It is a cheap part and very easy to replace.

Charles asks…

2002 BMW X5 Driver door cylinder removal?

Currently my 2002 BMW X5 driver door side’s lock cylinder is broken. What is the easiest way to take out the door cylinder and install it back? If there can be some pictures, it would be wonderful!

Administrator answers:

I personally have never done that repair on any car but you can buy a Service manual from a parts store or order it online and learn how to do it yourself. Shouldn’t cost more than $20 if you do it yourself. You can take it to the dealer or a car locksmith but you will pay a lot.

Ruth asks…

How good is the third row seat in the BMW X5?

just wondering if it’s very “usable?” We would be using it occasionally for our 8 yr old and 18 month old. Also, can adults fit comfortably or is it a miserable ride for full size people? One more thing… can it hold a carseat and an 8 yr old?

Administrator answers:

Not as good as the first two rows but it’s good enough if you must transport lots of people from one place to another.

Sandra asks…

What does it mean when the “inspection” light comes out on a bmw x5?

the light turns on for a few seconds when i turn the car on. I have never had it come on. I want to know what it might mean before taking it to the shop. Does anyone know what it can mean. or what i should “inspect”?

Administrator answers:

This is the major service for your vehicle. Depending on your milage this
will determine what service is needed 1 or 2. Insp 1 service consists of
oil service and ac filter replacement, general inspection of vehicle
inspection 2 will the inspection 1 items and include rest of filters and
spark plugs

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